Wake Technical Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Wake Tech is a great school for learning trades and for getting your basic liberal arts transfer courses done for less.


Completely unorganized.


A professional well thought out teaching environment for students who want to learn.


I am taking one course on campus and one online. The campus is very student friendly, everything is laid out well and the campus police force is always a presence. The teachers are always willing to help...but you have to ask for help. This is not high school and no one is accountable for your progress but yourself.


My school is very small but it also has that as its advantage; the teachers are able to focus on the indvidual student while the student can speak with the teacher more easily.


Small enough that as a student has one on one attention, but big enough that it meets most needs of everyone attending.


A community college that is conveinient to my home and highly respected in the community. The graduates there often do better at university when they transfer than those students that begin their education at the university. An associate's degree in the career path that I have chosen is offered there. Classes are small and as an adult learner I will be able to acclimate myself to returning to school easier.


Simple, to the point, in and out.