Wake Technical Community College Top Questions

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WakeTech is full of diversity because it is located near the heart of the State. The fact that it is a commuter school also adds to the diversity. People both young and old go to WakeTech. It is also a part of the North Carolian C-Step program which allows students to recieve his/her AS and transfer to any number of in state schools.


Pretty campus, small class size.


Wake Technical Community College is great for what it is, a community college. It has nice hallways, elevators, classrooms, helpful professors, and even a coffee shop. The education recieved from going there is worth while. Almost any University will accepted the classes taken at Wake Tech. As far as community colleges go, it is the best one I have been to.


What is unique about Wake Technical Community College compared to other schools I have considered, is saving money on tuition as well as saving money on commuting. The classes that I am currently talking are less expensive than a major university and the classes will transfer to the university that I will attend in the fututre. My commute to Wake Technical Community College is a short distance from where I currently reside.


My community college is different from other schools because it is cheaper, it's within a reasonable distance from my house, the classes are great, and they have services to help struggling students, and most of all I can transfer my credits to any college in the state of North Carolina!


Since the school that I attend is a Community College it is very affordable. Also the school that I attend offers a wide variety of programs.