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Wake Technical Community College

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What kind of person should not attend this school?

Do not even consider enrolling at Wake Technical Community College unless you are a serious student. This is not the place for partiers, slackers, or individuals who are not motivated to succeed. Students enjoy a much smaller class size at Wake Tech than the major universities in the area which provides a chance for individual communication with the professor as well as a strict 90% attendence policy. This attendence policy weeds out students who are unwilling to dedicate themselves to being in class on time, everytime. A Wake Tech student is a serious student, others should beware!

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Attending a community college wasn't something I planned on doing. Although it's been a good experience for me and has allowed me to work through some personal struggles, it's hard not getting the "full college experience." Really outgoing people might feel limited here, as school activities and clubs aren't very big and most students are here just to fulfill General Ed requirements or to go back to school.

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Wake Tech really is for all types of people!

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