Wake Technical Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person capable of succeeding is the kind of person who should attend this school. Wake Technical Community College is focused on providing students, regardless of age, race, or any other socioeconomic identifier, the means to attain their academic goals. For me personally, Wake Tech has enabled me to save money on my decade-long journey to finally acquiring my Bachelors degree. The same can be said for many other individuals that I have come into contact with while at Wake Tech. The type of person who strives to succeed is the one who should attend this school.


Anyone and everyone. This school has a spectacular education program and leaves students prepared and financially stable for their future years whether it be at a 4 year school or their career.


Someone who wants to get their Associates Degree at first and then attend a University afterwards to give you something to fall back on. If you're well driven or if you do not want to attend a university I'd recommend someone to attend Wake Technical Community College. The teachers work well with you and you'll become successful in any classes you want to take.


Someone who wants real-time learning that is relevent to today's job market. You have to work hard but with the help of the counselors you have a clear picture of where you are going and can gauge your progress with every good grade.


Everyone that is loooking to transfer out to a 4 yr school or those that are looking for a change of career, and those that maybe returning back to school. Its a great school with many options available.