Waldorf University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that should not attend Waldorf College would be a person that is not use to cold weather. Forest City's weather gets below zero quite often. A person that doesn't want a large college bill. Waldorf College's tuition is expensive, and if you don't have financial aid or a decent amount of grants and scholarships then you will most likely have to work on campus or pay out of pocket. Waldorf College has a small campus of less then 1,000 students, so if you are looking for a BIG campus, Waldorf is not it.


If you're not serious about college and getting your work done, you should not be attending this or any other school. You need to be ready for the transition to college life and taking on your own responsibilities. Also, if you are not interested in attending school in a small town, this college is not for you.