Walla Walla Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Walla Walla Community College know before they start?


The advice that I would give my high school self would be to try harder. Get into more clubs and put myself out there. Coming into college and getting scholarships was very difficult because of the fact that I did not apply myself. I would get good grades but I did not go above and beyond. I would tell my high school self to try put herself out there more. If she had tried harder to apply herself and look at schools earlier.


Don’t stress about choosing a college too much; while it is an important decision it should also be exciting. To make the transition easier, visit the colleges, talk to the administration and gather as much information as possible about it. See if you can talk to an instructor or two in classes you’re interested in. Get information about clubs you might like to participate in (and then participate!). Don’t worry about not knowing anyone if your friends aren’t going to the same college as you. You will find plenty of new friends. Yet, do keep in touch with your friends from high school, especially the close ones. Just because you no longer see each other all the time doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t important. Finally, pick both classes that are required and that you will enjoy when possible. This way, at least not all of your classes are a drag and burn you out instantly. On that note, don’t overload in credits; take on only what you can handle so that you can also maintain a social life. College isn’t just about learning, it’s about people as well. Have fun, too!


I would tell myself to loosen up a little. I would tell myself that it is OK to play football in the mud. It is OK to jump off cliffs in to the water. It is OK to drive a car with a stick shift. Be receptive to new experiences. Adventures like these will help your grow as a person and form stronger bonds with your family and friends.


The advice I would give myself is make sure that I am focused on going to school and that I am sure I want to go to school because if I really am not sure I want to go I will most likel yend up messing up my college G.P.A. It is very different from high school; you are responsible for yourself and nobody is going to be there making sure that you are attending school and doing your homework. I have to want it for myself and nobody else. It is going to be very hard living on your own, paying bills, going to school, doing homework and stll having a job. Nobody else is worried about how your'e doing in life and where your'e going to end up so don't spend your time on worrying about anybody else because in the end its going to be you by yourself.


I believe that you should live life without regrets. I believe that everything I did up to my freshman year of college set me up for my college career perfectly. In life, I've learned that someone can tell you 100 times how to act, but until you learn it yourself, the lesson won't stick. Thus, I wouldn't change or take back anything I did to prepare me for college. I had to learn the lessons on my own. This being said, if I could talk to other high school seniors and give them advice, I would tell them to take every AP or concurrent class they can in high school. I took several of these classes and it made such a difference when I entered college. The credits are quite affordable and every credit counts in college. I would also tell them to take a variety of classes in high school. This way they will be better able to weed out subjects they aren't passionate about and can pursue classes that they are passionate about as it will better assist them when picking a major.


Well I never made it to high school. The higest grade I finished was the seventh grade. I was a run away after that till I was 18 years old. So I will assume that I go back and talk to myself in the seventh grade. I would tell myself to make the same choices. Everything that has happened in my life is made me who I am. It has also given me the drive to go back to school and to succeed. I want to show everyone who has ever doubted me that I can do it. I am like a cat, when I am knocked down I will always land on my feet.


The advise I would give to my high school senior self would have been to be more involved in school. Join as many clubs as you can and just experience the world. Right now I'm not as confident as I believe I should be, and so therefore I would tell myself to learn to put myself out there and not care what people think of me. Also, I would tell myself to take advantage of college scholarships and to apply to as many as I possibly can. I know that right now I attend a community college because of lack of finances and if I was more responsible I would not be where I am today, but instead at a four-year university. However, I'm glad where I ended up, going to a community college instead of a university. If I didn't do the the things I did, or lack thereof, I would not be where I am and right now I'm happy where I am. I'm happy with the people I met and the relationships I created. So in the end, I'm content where I am and wouldn't tell myself anything different.