Walsh University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Walsh had everything I wanted and needed in terms of professors, classes, availabilty, etc. It wasn't my first pick but I loved my time there and I would definitely choose it again.


small and engaging environment.


Walsh University it a GREAT college with a high education level, a beautiful campus, great Professors and Teachers, with a lot of extra activities and volunteering possibilities, I would go nowhere else.


Walsh University is a private school with many opportunities to be appreciated and classes to be acknowledged.


Walsh University is a small-sized, privately owned college that prides in academic strength and the sincerity of the faculty and students.


A small, yet growing school that allows students to enjoy their time i school, while also preparing them for life after college.


This is a great school if one wants to better themself and who wants great learning.


Walsh University is a small, Catholic college and is very career driven.


My university can be described as similar to a high school. It has very small classroom sizes and most teachers are personable and willing to help students outside of the classroom. My university has many clubs, activities, and extra-curricular activities. Also, my university offers help and counseling to students in need. The only problem with a small college is there are many cliques.


Walsh University has helped me to unviel my true potential and has helped me look at things differently than i before.


It is still a resident-friendly school, but is working towards integrating commuters - and despite that has a very strong sense of community.


Walsh University is a leberal school that is always open to new ideas and is a place of community and academic excellence and provides its students with the best opportunities to succeed in whatever career they wish to pursue.


My school is medium size with many activities, and a strong influence to suceed in your major.


Walsh will allow you to balance school and social lifes on a separate basis while directing you in the right path for after college success.


Walsh University life is superficial and social, usually mixed with alcohol.


Walsh University is a catholic, friendly, interactive school. The professers here make sure that the student knows what is going on in class and if the student needs the help that they get it. The campus is beautiful and the perfect size. The students here and very outgoing and make sure to make incoming students feel welcome and at home.


Walsh University is an amazing school with gift teachers and talented students.


Walsh is a friendly and accepting community that focuses on academics and tries to give their students the best future they can.


It's a very quaint university, but sometimes I wish it was a bit larger.


My school is a small university, that has an excellant student teacher ratio.


My school has a lot of caring professor's that will help with my career goals.