Walsh University Top Questions

Describe the students at Walsh University.


My classmates are friendly and open to new experiences and information.


My classmates, who are fairly diverse and come from different states and countries, are my friends with whom I am able study and gain different perspectives on the topics being covered.


The students at Walsh University make you feel like you're in one big family. Everyone here gets along and helps each other through everything. If you need help and you don't want to go to the staff there are alwasy students out there that want to listen and help you. I was affraid of making new friends because I tend to be shy but it was not a problem at all here. Not only are the students nice but they are also very studious. You can always find a study group on campus for help in classes.


My classmates are a part of the reason I am who I am. Even though I have only know them for a year and a half, they are my family. They are the people who have helped me grow and mature over the past year and a half. My classmates are wonderful, trustworthy people who I would not trade for anything in the world. Everyone is constantly respectful, happy and uplifting. I love my classmates.


Classmates are very nice and willing to help.


Everyone at my college is helpful and kind.


My classmates are fun, outgoing, and always willing to help.


My classmates are kind, caring, hard working, driven, respectable classmates who love to offer help and collaborate so we all understand concepts and succeed in our program.


My classmates are more like family. They are around when you need them as well as to give great advice and help me through anything. We eat, sleep, cry. laugh, study and enrich our lives together. Here at Walsh University you are a family there is no aquaintances we love eachother!


The majority of my classmates are older but are very wise and willing to help with any problems I may be having in the classroom.