Walsh University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The best part about Walsh is the student body. Every one here seems to be more friendly than I expected. Because I am going to a heavily Catholic school, I expected not to fit in due to my religious views. However, everyone is accepted, no matter what their views are. I have made more life time friends here than I could have ever imagined.


I tell my friends that if you come to Walsh University, you will get a great education and will find a job right out of school. The classes are small enough to be able to learn and the faculty really cares about each student's education. Walsh University does a great job of graduating their students in four years and finding you a job once you graduate.


As an Education major, I realize the importance of individual attention in the classroom. At Walsh, I know that I am not just another number for the University's statistics. It is easy to see that both my advisor and my professors all love what they do and they show great concern for the success of each student. Classes are small and comfortable so I never feel afraid to speak up or volunteer in class. By the end of each semester I have an entire new circle of friends from each class and another professor that I can confide in.


I brag that my school is tiny which means I geta lot of one on one time with teachers.


How amazing Walsh University's Nursing Program is and how helpful the nursing staff is.


I mostly brag about how my school lets out a week earlier then most, although we sart at the same time.


Its a private catholic university with great students, teacher relations and it is easy to recieve individual attention. The campus is very clean and low kept with new building and maintenance projects everyday. Its a very beautiful campus that attracts many people from the North Canton area to attend church on the weekends with the students body. Very friendly environment!!


I brag most about the great professors I have above me and how everyone that works within Walsh University is always so helpful and always there for you! I also brag about how Walsh University works closely with graduates when looking into careers for thier students. These two statements are really what makes Walsh a great university to be a part of.


Our basketball program is quite prestigous. We have small class sizes, where the professors are very accessible.