Walsh University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Walsh is definitely the tuition. You need to be extremely wealthy or have a lot of aid to attend this school. I am no longer playing basketball, which makes paying for my education extremely difficult. It has a tendency to affect your views on the school, despite all of the positives.


The worst thing I would consider about Walsh University is the tuition. Many students who are playing in a extra-curricular activity receive full aid assistance. I am a transfer student, after receiving my Assocaites Degree in Early Childhood Education, I immediately came to Walsh in hopes of receiving assistance for my financial aid and was not helped. They have great education but it is very hard to pay tuition and also work with the variety of classes schedules being limited.


The arts are not appreciated on campus as much as they ought to be. I am involved in the Chorale and the Theater program but many students do not know that either of these exist on campus. The arts are growing here but it has taken a very long time to gain some focus.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the housing situation. For my freshman year, I ended up in a triple when I asked for a double. The rooms are small enough and when there are three people in a room we have to share a 2 closet room, a 2 ethernet plug, and not everyone gets along. Also, preparation for housing for next year was very disorganized and could have been planned out better. Another thing, is on the weekends there is nothing to do on campus which makes it pretty boring.


I think the worst thing about Walsh is that it is like a high school. It is very clique-ish and some of the students are very rude.


The worse thing i consider about my school is that some of the classes are too small. I believe making the class sizes a bit bigger gives students the opportunites to get along with more people. Interacting with other students also gives more understanding of topics because everyone has a different view and a different opion.


The worst thing about my school is that with finincial aid they mostly look at parents income. I come from a middle class family, and I do not get work study or many scholarships here because of my parents income. Also, it does not help that I am from out of state. Finincial aid does not understand is that my parents do not pay for everything. Also, I am a pre-physical therapy student, so after this year I have 5 years left. I am having trouble paying for this great science school and do not want to transfer.


Because I also work, trying to find classes that are suited for a working individual is difficult. It takes me 30 minutes to drive to school and finding classes that coincide with eachother is almost non-existent.


One of the worst things about Walsh is probably the tuition. Walsh is a great school that many people want to attend, but can't due to a lack of funds. I would say that the cost is worth it, because the educational and social experience here is great, but there are many people who deserve a school like Walsh that just can't afford it.


The worst thing is the food. It really needs improvement


The only negative I can think to say about my school is that sometimes on weekends students will go home and it will be somewhat dead on campus. There is almost nothing negative I can think of for my school.


I feel the worst thing about Walsh is the expense and the financial aid given to students. I feel that more money could be given to the students so that they are able to continue their education at this school.


The thing that I consider the worst about Walsh University is how there is not a fitness center in all of the dorms. Three of the dorm areas, they do not have a fitness center, the students that live in those dorms have to go to another building, either the gym or the David Center. I personally would like to have a fitness center in the building that I am living in for I can just walk down a few flight of stairs to go workout. Instead, I have to walk across campus to go to the nearest fitness center.


I feel that the worst thing about Walsh University is that it is arranged more for the students living on campus rather then the ones living off campus. For example, they have many events and activites for studetns on campus, and for ones like myself, living at home I rarely hear of the events. Another factor about Walsh is that it is a more expensive college and that has been a struggle for me, however it comes with a great education.


My school does not put enough, if any, emphasis on becoming or staying green. I think it should be a huge topic on all campuses, especially for our generation.


the cafe should be open longer!!!


I think that the worst thing about my school is the food. It's sounds funny but everyone here is so willing to help that you cannot complain about the academic integrity that the school has, the housing is great, ang the campus is safe., there is always something to do if you want to, and there are alot of choices available. If i ha to complain about one thing it would be the food, and that is it.


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school is the times when food is available. Food is not available at all times on campus, although it is offered almost all day during the week. During the weekend food is not always available. There is a few hour gaps between times when food is available. Overall, I am pleased with our food services.


It is very expensive and it seems that the funding is used in the wrong areas. For instance, instead of funding the quality of our cafeteria's food they put money into a new sports facility, and also, instead of building more residence halls to accomodate our expanding student population, they cram three people into two person dorms, while living upper classmen in the freshman dorms because there simply isn't enough space.


The worst thing about Walsh University I would have to say is getting accepted to live off campus. You would think it wouldnt be that hard, but here at Walsh they are pretty hard on who qualifies to live off campus.


We have some hidden racism that occurs within the student population, also we currently only have a few professors that are of the minority, one of the greatest professors who ever taught here left this past summer before I could take her. We do not have any Sororities/ Fraternities!


Not enough extra curricular activities for students who live on campus.


the food isnt that great and no big rec