Walsh University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Although Walsh University is primarily Catholic, someone of any religious background will feel comfortable attending here. Someone who likes a small campus that is easy to navigate, as well as teachers that give individual attention, would like attending this school.


Walsh University is a school for someone who is determined, hard working, disciplined, and appreciative of a higher education.


I think a the kind of person that should attend this school is someone that is very serious about their education and is not looking for a "party" school.


The type of person to come to Walsh is outgoing and friendly. Since Walsh is a such a small campus, it is important to get to know people. You don't want to be a stand-offish person here.


someobdy who doesn't want to attend a large university. somebody who will learn from smaller classrooms.


Anybody looking for a small, friendly atmosphere should attend this school. Students looking to major in areas such as Pre-Med/PT/Vet, business, and nursing would have great opportunities here. Walsh is best for students willing to put forth work and complete a liberal arts degree. Walsh puts on many activities for students, but can also be a slightly empty campus on weekends.


Walsh University is known for being a person, not just a number. There is small classes, so I believe that it helps the professors interact with the students more. In each classroom, it is more like a family because the professors care. It is also known for its science majors. If one wants to be in a science major, freshman year is really tough because Walsh University wants to see who really wants to work hard for it. Therefore, if one likes small classes and is a hard worker. Walsh University is the place for them.


A person who is driven, determined to do well, and knows that in order to succeed studying is very important.


Walsh is a great school to attend for students who have a great desire to be successful. Walsh prepares it's students for the "real world" in a way that I'm not sure other schools do. Walsh is also a great school for learning. Learning experiences and opportunities happen every day. People looking to make great friends and a lifetime of memories would definitely be satisfied with Walsh. Because Walsh is smaller in size it's a great school for people who want to be involved and make friends. Walsh is a great school for fun loving, studious pupils.


A person should attend this school if they are academically focused and also willing to have fun getting to know people and making friends. If they do not want to interact at all with their peers, it may not be the best fit because Walsh is a family environment


Someone that is looking for a small campus atmosphere with the ability of a one on one relationship with their teachers. They should be looking for a great school and should be able to work and study hard.


The kind of person that should attend this school would be a student who is willing to stepout of their boxes to open up to new students. A student who is willing to work hard to achieve their goals, whether it is means working with others, getting involved and working with the faculty to improve their education. Also, a student that can be friendly and open-minded to work with different individuals. From my personally experience, I have realized working with the faculty in the School of Business has given my a new whole world of opportunities.


Anyone who has a desire for strong academic work, in a smaller classroom environment where there is interactions with the professors, should consider Walsh University. Overall people are friendly and the professors are actively engaged in your education experience and take personal interest in your success


Students looking to really learn and know their field of study, should attend this university. Also, even though it is a Catholic school, students with different religions backgrounds are certainly welcome. Religious ceremonies are offered on campus, often, but not forced upon the students.


A personable person


Anyone who likes to be social and enjoy the humanities or nursing.


I feel that anyone can attend Walsh because there is a place for everyone. Walsh has so many different people that it is so easy to make friends. If your're a person who wants to learn and make amazing friends, then Walsh is definitely the place for you. If your're a person who is looking for professors who will be your mentors and guide you through your college career, you will feel right at home at Walsh. No matter who you are, Walsh has a place waiting for you!


Anyone can attend this school there is not one type of person that would not be aloud at Walsh University. No one judges you here it is very easy to be yourself at this school. You really feel like you are at home.


I think the type of person that should attend this school is someone who is open and friendly. I think that the person should possess a good work ethic to keep up with the academic standards. I think the person should have an interest in campus clubs and activitites. I think the person should be open to meeting all different kinds of people with different backgrounds and views.


A person that should attend this university should: like small campus, would want to be close to their proffessors........be able to go to them when they are having problems in their class. Enjoy getting involved in clubs and intramural sports such as soccer and vollyball. Must be able to be open to other people, especially those that are different from you. There are many different religions and cultures on this campus.


anyone looking for small classrooms, great people, hardly any drinking, and teachers that actually know your first and last name during classes.


A person who is very goal oriented, and willling to work to earn a degree would be a good candidate for Walsh. Its not a big social school, so if you're into partying, this is not the school for you. If you like close, personal attention from your professors, this is also a good school for you.