Walsh University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who wants to party all the time and drink.


A person who wants to grow and lean from other's should attend Walsh. Also, people who want to embrace diversity.


A person who is not committed to their school work and would rather party than focus on preparing for a career should not attend Walsh.


someone who doesnt have any respect for faith or catholic people


Someone who is looking for a big name school that has a big social party life on the weekends.


An outspoken black person


People who score below a 20 on ACTs


Walsh University is not an institution for lazy and unmotivated individuals. Here, there is a strong emphasis on EARNING one's desired degree as opposed to simply RECEIVING it. This is achieved through hard work and dedication, while simultaneously living by a strong set of morals and values. This is a place that enforces the ideals of working together to create a better place. Therefore, one should not plan on attending Walsh University if he or she is not willing to put forth the effort required to succeed; a task that is simpler said than done, yet extremely attainable.


You should not attend Walsh University if you like a large campus with many class choices. Walsh is a great place to go if you know what your major is and if you have an idea what you want to do. However, if you are unsure there are not as many options because of the size. Walsh is also a Catholic University that does place importance on theology and philosophy, these are required courses. Walsh is a very acedemically challenging so students should be prepared to study and work hard in order to earn good grades.