Walsh University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school aged self that, however cliche it may sound, life really does get better. Studying so hard and doing community service really does pay off. Even though it seems like the work is never going to end, and in a way it doesn't, it does become more manageable. I would tell myself that college allows for so much more freedom. You can do homework when you feel like it, eat when you feel like it, sleep when you feel like it. If you don't want to do any of these things, don't. You'll kick yourself for it later, but it's a learning experience. And also, if you thought high school was supposed to prepare you at all, you're wrong. College is so different, but in a good way, so don't stress so much over high school. You'll have plenty of time for breakdowns becoming a freshman again.


Everyone always says to make good choices in high school, keep your grades high, and make sure to pick the right college. While I worked hard to achieve all of these things and believe that they are important factors in life, I wish that I would have known that once you get settled into college, none of these things really seem to matter all that much. Keeping good grades in high school was important to get into college, but the thing that is more important was figuring out ways for yourself that work to study, organize, and complete homework. High school was like experimenting for the real thing, it allowed us time to learn what works for us and what doesn't. I wish that I would have known that if I messed up in high school was not the end of the world. If I would have known this I would have tried different types of studying and different ways to organize all of my classes. In high school I was really set on picking the perfect college for me. If wish I would have known that it is not the college, but what you make of the experience.


I would tell my high school self to relax. Have more fun and to make more friends. Being a commuter definitely hindered my ability to engage in on campus activities, so I would want her to make the effort to get involved more. I would encourage my high school self to travel abroad when she gets the opportunity. The experience is worth every penny. I also would want her to know that her family is there for her, even though it is a time of so much upheval with her parents divorce. If I could, I would tell her that not all friendships and relationships are meant to last. Learn from them. Learning is what you're in college for after all, right? Finally, I'd want her to let go sooner. Being herself, every nerdy, quirky bit, is the best decision she ever made.


If I were able to go back and give my high school self advice I would say, "Start saving for the future now." I believe every student in high school should be involved in as many activities as possible, but still keep up their grades AND work a part time job. I wish that I would have really known how expensive college was going to be. I would have saved my money from my part time job so that I would have a cushion while in college. I wish I wouldn't have spent so much money on getting my nails done, new shoes and purses, eating out after games, etc. I would have put that money away and used it to help pay for gas, books, printer ink, and groceries. It is so hard to have enough money to pay for college, much the less all of these things. It's also harder to work while in college. I wish I could just focus on college and use my savings to survive. So young me- "Have a great time, but spend wisely! You have plenty of time to shop when you have a career!"


College is going to be nothing like you expected. You might think life is going to be a party, but trust me, it won't. That doesn't mean you won't have the time of your life, though. Especially freshmen year. You are going to let loose a little, explore parts of yourself you didn't even know existed. And you know what? That's okay!! You might try to make the next few years live up to that, but trust me, don't do it. You will end up disappointed. Each year brings something new to the table, something unexpected and wonderful. You can only do this once, so make it worth it. But don't forget about your reasons for being there. You are going to receive a world class education. But, you are also going to go through some of the most difficult times of your life, but just remember that they won't last forever. Even during the darkest of times, you will have someone who makes all of the pain and struggle worth it. Every emotion, whether it be happy, sad, depressed, or ecstatic, is going to be completely worth it.


One of the very first things that I would mention to myself would be to not assume that just because you did well in high school that college would be a breeze. I would say, keep your mental prowess sharp by sharpening your writing skills and practice different forms of mathematics. Other advice that I would share with myself would be to not let the social aspects of college overtake your scholastic achievements. I would try to convey to my self to try to keep a balanced outlook on college by a steady perseverance, determination, proper time management and a support system that facilitates this end.


The advice that I would give myself if I was to go back in time is to let myself know to take high school serious and to learn and understand as much as I can, because attending college is not easy and the information that I would of learn from high would help me when I attend college. I would tell myself to never slack around in college, always be responsible and not take everything for a joke. Being in college gives you the opportunity to learn more and succeed in life. Plagiarism and academic honesty is very important in college, so cheating and lying is not acceptable at all. There are many consequences for plagiarizing your work it could lead to suspension, a bad grade or expelled. When you submit late assignments, you will be penalize for it. Attending college is not as easy as it looks or persons may make it seems, you have to put your all and everything into it, by not getting distracted and not caring as much as you can.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would remind myself that I do not know everything. A major mistake that I had made my freshman year of college was that I was still stuck in the high school senior way of thinking; I believed that I knew everything there is to learn and that school was just a formality until I am handed my degree. I quickly learned that this is very wrong and I still have much to learn. I would also tell my past self not to assume that I know what others are thinking. When I first arrived at my school, I felt as if I was being constantly judged. Now that I've spent more time there, I realize that this was not the case at all, and the other students were just as nervous about being in a new enviroment as I was!


Enjoy the journey. Stay focused on what your goals are and enjoy learning and getting involved. Time goes too fast to not appreciate each moment of what you're living. Take advantage of all that is offered to learn all you can from books as well as people and your experiences. Expand your mind, your heart and your soul to become all that you can be so that each day when you look in the mirror you are proud of the person looking back.


Between a foreclosure, divorce, and having a fully disabled mother, your life has never been easy. You kept a 4.0 GPA in high school but keep in mind that college is different. There is more competition and educational standards. Don't lose your motivation and keep your fighting spirit because you can do this with dedication and perseverance. The reason that you are seeking a higher education is to help others but first, you must help yourself. Save as much money as possible and study hard. You have to show the world that you have a purpose in life and that purpose is to help the world.


No college geometery teacher tells you that calculating the radius of a circle will be necessary in your life; there is honesty in college that you hardly find anywhere else, and without it I would be blind to many oppertunites. The honesty in college is eye-opening, professors no longer sugarcoat the truth, and your classmates come to learn and discuss topics. I have taken a numerous amount of classes in all subjects, and professors are honest about the subjects, how competitve the field is, how well you adapt to the subject. In my first year of college, I was focused on art, but for me , many of the art instructors and students in art classes were too laid-back and unprepared for class everyday. I was starting to figure out that my hobby of art would not be my career goal. A few quarters later in my freshman year I discovered computer programming. It was a hard things to understand at first, a whole new language to me, but it was a challenge and you had to stay focused and organized, as did all of my professors and peers. The value was discovering what subject works for me.


What I have taken from my experience at my college is the education you recieve it. I feel that you bettering yourself is the best thing you can do. College is where you can go to shape the person you want to be, Work hard and get through the obsticles. College is the ebst place that anyone can turn to and feel a sense of gratitude.


Out of my college experience I have received the knowledge to enhance my abilities in my future career, the cultural diversity to help me understand others, and created very dear friendships. Each of the reasons alone is enough to explain why Walsh University has been such a valuable school to attend. From the start of my freshman year frantically searching what classroom I needed to be in up until now where I have built a home, I have gained the comprehension required by workers in my future field. Through dedicated professors, I have struggled and triumphed over ideas which were necessary to understand. The knowledge Walsh has helped me obtain is not only valuable but a true asset. In addition to knowledge, I have a broadened awareness of cultural diversity. Walsh allowed me to study abroad for a semester and experience life and notions far different from my own. The experience proved to be a significant turning point in which I assessed my values and ways of thinking tremendously. Finally, Walsh has also helped me create bonds with friends I cherish every single day. Through programmed activities, I have met friends that encouraged me to be the best I can.


I have gotten so much out of my college expeirence that has been invaluble. From great professors who guided me towards assistance in difficult subjects, to great classmates who challenge me to think outside the box every day. When you attend college, it's people like this that push you to your ultimate potential. However you must allow them to, which is something I've taken advantage of. The Chair of my Dept. has been so great in my success in my academic recovery.


In the past three years I feel that I have blossomed not only academically but artistically as well. I have been able to explore my interests in the field of psychology as well as to take courses in a range of areas. The majority of my professors have shown a great interest not only in their topic of study but in the students as well. I have become more confident in myself and my ability to perform in front of others and to handle difficult situations. Juggling school, work, sports, interpersonal relationships and extra-curricular activities has helped me to learn time management and to prioritize that which is most important to me. Walsh University also focuses on the importance of belief and helping others which I feel I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I have enjoyed my time at the University and hope to use my connections here to find a successful career once I graduate.


Throughout my college experience, I have gained a knowledge that I never thought I could attain. Being a biochemistry/ Pre-Medicine major, while also balancing football has taught me how to manage my time while also allowing me to become a well-rounded student. Another great thing I have attained from my college experience is great friends that I will keep for the rest of my life. Meeting so many people in college has allowed me to get to know friends that share common interests as I do. In my opinion, friendships are one of the greatest blessings in life, and I have been lucky enough to form great ones. Finally, my college experience has taught me that there is always more to learn. I have slowly transitioned to a student who enjoys the learning process and one that will continue learning far beyond four years of my undergraduate degree. I understand that these years will be the best of my life, and my time at Walsh University has been nothing short of spectacular.


With the help of some college health courses I have taken, I have managed to fovercome my childhood obesity problem. I have had a weight problem for as far back as second grade of elementarry school. At my peak, I was 280 lbs with a BMI of 39. I am currently 150 lbs, and I have been mainting that weight for two years now. I would not have been able to accomplish this feat without the knowledge that I learned in my health course.


At summer orientation, I was able to meet my roommate who I have roomed with this year and will be rooming with next year. I have made a lot of friends and have been involved in a few clubs and activities. At the beginning of the year, I took my first education class and was able to observe in different classroom settings to make sure of what kind of teacher I really wanted to be. As a result of that class, I am positively sure that I want to be an Early Childhood Special Education major. The classes at this school are small and it is very easy to talk to my teachers if I need any help. The education program is great and I would not want to switch schools at all because I know that I am recieving a fantastic education while attending here. I live about an hour away from home which is a perfect amount of time so that I can go home if I feel the need to. Although, I reallly enjoy being here and I call Walsh University my "second home."


I have gained a lot of knowledge here at Walsh University. I have also gained many friends that I will carry through out the rest of my life. I think it is so valuable to attend a place of higher learning after high school. Kids may not think that it makes a big difference if you go out into the "real world" with a high school diploma or a college degree, but it really does make a world of difference. I think that if it is possible for someone to attain a college degree it is in their best interest and will be very valuable.


There are a few different things I gotten out of my college experience. The first would be learning time mangement. I 've learned time mangement because my class and work schedule. I made sure that I had enough time for both. Secondly, I've became an adult. When entering college I was still immature and dependent of my parents. College helped me grow up and become an adult that takes care of myself. Lastly, I learned new things about a variety of different subjects. I feel that learning these new things will assist me, in my life after college. I think that it has been valuable to attend is because my mental and spiritual is continuously increasing.


I have gained many things from my college experience. Some of which I will take with me for the rest of my life. I have gained a whole new outlook on diversity and a multicultural education. Also, I have learned many traits in which will help me in the real world and when applying for professional jobs. Walsh has given me many oppertunities and learning experiences which have helped me grow, and become a better person. I have learned to appriciate everything in life through and education which teaches me career oriented objectives and religous as well. I value the education that I am earning, because it only makes me a better person.


Senior year of high school can get very stressful and overwhelming as students are pressured to make decisions that can affect the rest of their lives. They must decide if college is for them, and if so, they must make the difficult decision of what college to go to, and most importantly, what they would like to make their career for the rest of their lives. Many seniors in high school feel as if they must decide what major they want to get themselves into. Many students try to force themselves into particular majors because they feel as if they must choose something. However, students should realize that it is ok to not be entirely sure as a senior. It is ok to be undecided for a semester or two instead of getting into something that is not fitting for someone. Taking core classes and exploring different possible majors as a college freshman can be a great way for a people to decide what is right for them. Choosing a college major can be life changing, as it makes way for a lifelong career. This decision should not be forced; rather, it should be determined when it feels right.


I would tell myself not to stress out so much about the high school drama because all of the people change when you go away to college. I would have tried to make myself more independent from my high school friends because we all went our separate ways when we came to college. It would have been easier to start new if I did not have the pull from my friends back home. I would not have taken AP government or AP Calculus my senior year but instead taken AP english and found internships in schools to work towards my future goal of being a teacher.


In high school as a senior I didn't take the easy way out, I decided to take some advanced classes as a senior and if I could go back i'd tell myself to take even more advanced classes as well. Taking them has helped me in my first two semesters because i understand what the teachers are "reviewing". So, in the long run the advanced classes in high school helped me with my memorization skills because in college thats mostly all it is. Also, I would tell myself to learn good studying techniques because in high school I never really had to study and now in college I study at least four times as much and at first it was hard for me to teach myself how to study. Going back I would tell myself to choose wisely and give many schools oportunities and to choose for myself not my family, friends, boyfriends, etc. High school is a big transition and it determines the rest of your live and thats a huge impact.


As a high school senior I wish I would have tried harder to put myself out there and grab what I want in life more often. I would tell myself that many of the things that my parents wanted me to achieve in high school was all for a reason and I shouldnt just blow any of it off. I now know that in your senior year of high school everyone is truely trying as hard as they can to get you ready for the transition to college. All of the papers and tests that you are required to do and take are not just there to be a hastle but to give you a small look into lies ahead for you in college. I would have told myseft to fill out more schalarship applications while I have the time, and to study for the tests while they are still easy to pass, because I realize now that if i would have put a small fraction of the effort that I put into college into high school I would have achieved so many more of my goals.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would inform myself that it is important to make friends and become involved but to be smart about who you associate yourself with. Education is the most important thing and that your school work always comes first. I would tell myself that it is good to stay on campus and become more dependent, but keep in touch with your family and high school friends. Most of all have fun, enjoy yourself and don't let stress and fear run your life. Keep Positive!


My first semester of my freshman year I did not study as hard as I should. I was put on academic probation because of my grades. I would tell myself to make sure I would tell myself to study hard my first semester. I graduated high school by barely opening up a book, so I thought the same thing would happen in college. This is also my second time going back to school so I would also tell myself to stay with it and to never give up. I regret not finishing the first time around and graduating with my friends. I would make sure reminded myself to not run when things got hard in school and that the final prize would be graduating. I would show the jobs that I had to work because I didn't have a degree and how hard it was for me to go back after I took time off.


The transition from high school to college life can be a drastic change for many. If I had the opportunity to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to be more courageous, equipped, and adaptive. Courage can come in many different forms and is essential in the college experience. I would tell myself to be more courageous in meeting people and not missing out on the wonderful activities the campus puts on for freshman. Many other individuals are homesick and experiencing similar difficulties, just waiting for someone to make the move for a life-long friendship. I would instruct myself to be ready and equipped with the materials necessary for success. These include not only material items, but strength, knowledge, and preparation. I would also inform myself on the importance of being adaptive. College surrounds students with new opportunities and ways of life that people must be ready to take on. By adapting to everything from new freedoms to new study habits, the college experience can be much less shocking and much more inviting. The keys to a successful transition are a positive attitude and open arms.


I would tell myself just to have fun with the college experiences. I focused too much on the academics and forgot about how much fun there is outside of the academic world. Get invovled in everything you can and make as many new friends as you can because you only have a short time and you need to make the most of it.


Every college student I talked to before I went to college says, "You need to study a lot." I just blew off that answer because I felt like they were trying to scare me, and I had good grades in high school. I wish I would have listened to them. Freshman year was really tough with me trying to balance my academic life, basketball, and my social life. My grades freshman year do not show who I really am. Sophomore year is much better because I chose my grades over my love for basketball. I still run track, but it is less time consuming than basketball. Since I did not listen to the advice the college students gave me before I went to college, I am now working on getting my grade point average up, so I can get accepted into graduate school. College is tough, but it is all about time management. Instead of relaxing all weekend, I relax one night and study the other two nights. If I would have studied more my freshman year, sophomore year would not have been as stressful, but I finally have college life under control.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, I believe I would be at a different university than I attend now. As a high school senior I was very disinterested in applying for colleges. I applied to about 5 different schools around my house. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to play soccer at the school I attended. I currently attend Walsh University and am a psychology pre-physical therapy major. My school does not have a program that is directly geared toward physical therapy. I wish I would have looked at schools in different states that have good, well developed physical therapy programs. I would tell any high school senior that is applying to college to take the process very seriously. The decision will decide where you will live, study, and grow during the next four or more years of your life. It is also very important to visit and tour the colleges you are interested in. You definitely want to be happy and confident with this decision.


Knowing what I know now about the college life and making the transition, the advice I would give myself is to make the decision that is right for me. I would tell myself that where I go to college is all about me and no one else. When I was making my college decision, my sister was sick in the hospital. I was scared and did not want to go too far away from home for her; I was afraid I would not be able to handle the transition, and I was afraid that if she needed me, I would not be here. I did not choose the college that I had dreamed of going to. I now know that Walsh University is the perfect school for me, and I love it, but at the same time, I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if I made that decision for myself. Looking back, I would have told myself to make my college decision for myself, not to worry about anyone else, because it is my life, no one else's. College is about doing what YOU need to do to get to that next division of your life.


This is a simple question since I thought it was smart to wait seven years to go to college. I would say to myself "stop procrastinating and get things done because life will only get harder. I know you think that working and making money seems like a great idea now, but what you do not seem to understand is that you will never be able to succeed in life without a college education. The jobs you will try to pursue in will only become a dissapointment because you will be unhappy and will never be able to pay your bills with. Trust me when I say that going to college will not be easy, but the path of life you are choosing will be much more difficult. Since I know that you have a strong desire to help others in need even when you yourself are in need, pay attention in your sciences, for that will help you tremendously when you figure out that nursing will become your calling. You are a smart girl, but doubt will only slow you down. Giving up isn't in your vocabulary, so give it your all and you will succeed!"


If I had the ability to go back in time to my senior year I would tell myself to push harder for what you believe in. Sometimes in high school students feel they have to mold into someone else to fit in. I did not mold into someone else while in high school, but I never truly allowed myself to be who I am. I was scared of speaking out in class about things I did not believe in, asking questions, and answering questions for fear they would be wrong. When I started at Walsh University I believe I was able to set my fears aside and jump in. I began asking questions, answering questions, and sticking up for how I felt about certain issues. I did not worry about what others thought of me and I was comfortable in my own skin. I felt and knew I was beautiful because I was being myself. I had faced my fears and the challenges of starting college. This has allowed me to grow and not only become a better student, but a better person.


Now that I'm into my third year of college there are many things that I wish I could advice my seventeen year old self about. I would remind myself that college's main purpose is to learn, and secure a future career, but you should definitely allow for some fun along the way. I'd make sure I knew that I was going to make mistakes along the way, but that's alright as long as I learn from them and correct them in the future. One of the most important things I would want to advise about is to stay true to yourself. In college you meet people from all walks of life; Respect them, learn from them, but don't compromise yourself for anyone but you. Once I had given all of this advice I think my final, and main advice would be, "Stay confident. You've spent the last four years preparing for this, and you can do it. You have a good head on your shoulders, so dive right in. And finally, in the words of the great Bambino, 'Follow your heart kid, you can never go wrong.' "


I would tell myself to live with someone you like. Do not go into the dorm experince with a random roommate.


I think the best way to pick a college is to tour it and talk to current students there. That will give you a great idea of the school. The best way to make the most of the college experience is to not be afraid to try new things and meet new people.


The college experience can be a confusing and frustrating process for many prospective college students. If I could give any kind of advice, I would tell them to try to narrow down their choices of colleges to about 5 or 6. Everyone gets so overwhelmed with all of the potential colleges available that they get too stressed. When narrowing it down, take into account how far away it is, the majors available, the academic standing, and of course what you think would be a good fit for you and your personality. Then research these 5 or 6 and see if it would be a good fit. Once you are down to 5 or less schools, take the time to visit the schools and find out as much information as possible. Once you have visited all schools, sit down with family and/or friends and review you experiences at each institution. It may sometimes help to write a "pro's and con's" list for each college. Take your time in making a decision to make sure it is what you want. Taking into account other perspectives (family, friends, etc.), make sure it is what YOU want in the end.


I would say that both parents and students should know what they're getting into. Researching both one's college and financial aid options are most beneficial. Also, having a very specific idea as to what the student wants to do with his/her college degree is also helpful while researching. There are schools and scholarships (both from the school and other sources) that are specific to a certain major or area of study.


Students: You need to look at who YOU are inside and which setting and environment will suit you best. College is about finding yourself, not going where your friends are all going or are already attending. This may be a scary idea, but college is about new experiences, ideas, and friends. The idea is to mature and discover what you believe in, what you want to achieve, and how to ultimately achieve those goals. I personally believe that wherever a person chooses, they are going to have an amazing time and experience. Parents: It may be hard and you may think that your child is doing the wrong thing, but it is best to let them decide where they want to attend. If college starts out shaky for them, support them through the emotional time. It is easy to feel alone when you first arrive at college, especially when you do not know anyone else who goes there. After a few days however, your child will meet new people and develop life long friendships. Its inevitably!


When parents and or students are looking for the right college they should first look at location and cost. College is very expesive these days and the student should have in mind their budget for the next four years. One does not want to be in debt the rest of their lives based on a poor decision of where to obtain an education. The size of the college or University is also important whether the student is looking to stand out in a small group or just fit in in a large atmosphere. One should also consider whether the academics are suited for the student and whether the academics of the school stand out above the students other college choices. The student should get to know his or her professors and build a relationship in order to get any help that is needed. One should also try to make friends to share this wonderful experiece with. College is an important decision for all young adults to make whether it is to attend or not as well as what instituion to recieve their education, either way the decision should not be taken lightly.


From picking the right school, to saying good bye on that first day, emotions are running high for both the students and the parents. When picking a school, it is important for both the parent/guardian and the student to make the decision together. It is normal for students to be feeling fearful and confused, but it is important to not allow these emotions take over. Parents can minimize this anxiety by listening to what their child wants from a school, weather it is size, or any other specifications they may have. And parents, share with your child what is important to you, such as student to teacher ratio, or most understandably, the price of tuition! Then compromise, but parents, please remember, this decision affects your child?s life much more then it does your own. The greatest thing that a parent can do for their child is to give them time and space to sort out new feelings and emotions, and to remind their child that on their first day, each and every student around them is feeling very similar emotions, so they my as well branch out, make a new friend, and share in this new endeavor together!


First I would recommend that parents give the opportunity for their child to pick three to five colleges of interest and to visit each one. I only had two colleges that I really was interested in and I made a visit to each one. The reason I picked Walsh University is because the Nursing program. Also, when I stepped out onto this campus for the first time, I just knew it was calling my name. It was not too big, and not too small, it was just right! I had that gut feeling that this was where I wanted to experience the time of my life. I recommend that the student has to be able to feel safe on the college that they are attending and also be able to step out of their comfort zone and make new friends. This is your future and these are the people who may develop into a future spouse or best friend. Also, it is about being able to buckle down and be diligent in your studies because this is your future career. Time management is the key. Learning to have a good time excelling in your studies is very important. Best wishes!


The advice I would give parents and students about finding the right college and making the most of it would be to follow your heart. Find a college that you feel like you belong at and take it from there. The most important thing for a student is that you feel comfortable on the campus and then you can take the rest of the stuff on much easier. Parents you should also be willing to listen to your child throughout the whole process because this is where they will be living and learning for their future. You have to be able to accept your decision and be comfortable with it.


There are several pieces of advice I would offer to future students looking at colleges. First of all, don't assume that an expensive college will be unaffordable. Many of the private colleges offer more financial aid then state schools. Pick a school that you feel comfortable with. Make sure you schedule a college visit to see the campus and meet come faculty. Your college experience will be much more enhanced if you feel comfortable with the faculty and the campus itself. When looking at different colleges, decide whether you would like a smaller school or larger one. Take this into consideration when choosing. Another important topic to look at is the major you are considering. Take time to research different schools and their programs. The most important piece of information I've given is to choose a school that you feel comfortable with. This is important because your college education and the experience you get from it will shape your future and the rest of your life. Good luck with your search!


Before choosing the right college, it is important to review your interests and consider a major. It is important to choose a college that is highly specialized in your major and future goals. Advice I would give to a college seeking student would be to find a college that is the right size, contains campus resources, and is in a convenient location. It is also important to know the degrees offered, accreditation, test success, and most importantly the schools reputation. A student should choose a college that is economically suitable for their family's income and offers financial aid. Student's need to be comfortable with their college surroundings and be able to express themselves. College is about learning, new relationships, and joining activities and clubs. School and studying should be your main priorities, however college life needs to be enjoyable as well. Therefore, a college student must have good time management skills. College can be very stressful at times so don't be afraid to seek help or counseling if you are having problems. Last but not least, it is normal for students to be home sick, so don't give up on yourself, you'll get through it!


The best advice would be to yourself and to do what makes you happy. Sometimes it is not the coolest thing to stay and study, but if good grades it what you want to achieve then you have to do it. Also, pick a college the is right for you emotional, physically, and spiritually. If you feel uncomfortable you will probably not open yourself to all the school has to offer you. Being open minded about things is also a very key in being successful and enjoying your college experience.


The advice I would give to parents and students about finding the right college and to make the most of their experience is to really look at what kind of education you really want to have. I know many students have transferred from other Universities to Walsh because they felt when they graduated they would be underqualified in their field or unable to obtain a job. Many students come to Walsh knowing that the information they are taught and the life lessons they learn will really prepare them for the future. So I would tell students and parents to really do their research on their school and make sure they feel they are getting the education they are paying for so they do not have to switch schools and add extra years and expenses onto their journey. I was really glad I chose walsh after I did because I heard storied from many students that chose colleges around here that origionally wanted to attend. They said they were unhappy with the course material and felt they would not be prepared when graduating so I feel finding a universiry that will have you the most prepared for life is the best!


The advice that I would give the student about finding the right college would be find a place where they feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable is one of biggest things I believe because if a person does not feel comfortable there, then that individual will not succeed in school or finding the life long friends. Finding the life long friends is what I personally think what makes college fun. They are the ones that help me get through a rough time. Another thing I would advice for the student would be to find the college where they feel like they can succeed. Whether that is in a big school or a small school. I personally feel that the smaller college works best for me because I liked the one on one interaction with the professors. The advice that I would give the parents would be supportive to their child. Yes, safety and money is an issue, but the student needs to experience the college experience and that experience will teach them life long lessons that will get them through life. If the parent can realize this, then the student will feel more comfortable and be willing to expand their horizon.


I would tell the student to apply to all the colleges he wishes to go to including any ones that his parents want as well. I would then proceed to tell the parents to let the child make this decision for himself as he is the one who will be going to school there, not the parents. I would then explain to them to direct the child to one that may be better suited for him, but the ultimate decision is for the student and they need to support him. I would then tell the student to keep an open mind when visiting colleges and when it comes down to choosing look at scholarships, academics, and overall how happy that school made him visiting it. Making the most out of school is not something anyone can tell each other as everyone has different goals and ideas of having fun at college. I would only say figure out what you really want out of college and go for it, but all along stay true to yourself. Try to get involved to meet people with similar interests as yourself to get what can be the most out of the whole experience.