Walsh University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Small classes, easy to interact with professors. Lots of help availabe.


I would say there is a tie for the best things. The classes are more challenging than my high school classes but in a good way. I would also say that I have made some of the best friends here. I feel that I have made friends in my short time here that I will have for the rest of my life.


I think many students want to go to school where you feel like you are part if a community. At Walsh I know that I'm not just a number. I know that the professors and staff here care about how their students are doing and they ant eveyone to acheive their goals. If you need help with anything, no matter how dumb you may think the problem is, there is always someone here willing to help you if you ask. Walsh University puts you on the road to success.


they offer accelerated course and you will still graduated with the same degree as a 4 year student


I would say the best thing about my school is all of the clubs, organizations, and activites we have. We have numerous clubs, as well as sports and intramurals. Also, our University Programming Board, which I am a part of, is constantly hosting events for the students to get everyone engaged and meeting new people. I think it is amazing how even though it is a small school, you can go to different events on campus and meet people that you have never seen before! Therefore my favorite part of my school is everything that our campus has offer.


The best thing about my school is the class size. Because the classes are smaller here, students are able to feel as though they are actually part of the class instead of just another number to their professor. This also allows for the students to get to know their professor, breaking down the barrier of feeling uncomfotable talking to him/her.


The best thing about this school is the teachers' commitment to their students. They are always willing to help and there are never lines to talk to them at their office during office hours. Other schools there are long waits and their teachers make no effort to get involved in a students life. Teachers here get to personally know a person and are very helpful for recommendations.


Walsh is very into helping their students succeed in life. All of the professors Ive had over the years have gone above and boyond to help me understand the subject matter they teach. I will never forget how patient they are w/ me and I will take that as a life lesson. They never make me feel stupid or ignorant and I think thats the best thing a student can have when attending a difficult and demanding school.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. With smaller classes than most schools in the neighborhood, it helps students assimilate from high school and also making friends is much easier. This means that everyone is willing to help out others who are struggling or don't understand something.


I consider the professors and the diversified students the best thing about Walsh University. The professors are always willing to help you and will bend over backwards for you. I have never been nervous to ask a professor a question because I know that they will always find a way to help me. It is very comforting to know there are always there to help. The other students at Walsh offer great friendships that I would not trade for anything. I have met many amazing people who have changed my life.


I had many wonderful professors and courses. Learning about photojournalism and actually exhibiting the final project for that class in a museum was great. The classroom work and instruction kept the classes interesting and interactive.


The best thing about Walsh University is how much the teachers care about the students. I am an education major and my professors will do anything for us. They work hard to help us achieve our goals. They want the best for us. I am blessed to have the chance to go to such an amazing school.


It's small size allows the students to interact with professiors very well. My second choice for college was Kent State University and I knew I wouldn't receive the same attention as Walsh provides.


The best thing about Walsh University is the size of the school and the size of the classes. Have the size of classes like in high school makes it much easier to get to know your professor and to pay attention in class.


It's a good school but it is not for me.