Wartburg College Top Questions

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Wartburg is unique because of the atmosphere of the school. Wartburg College's Mission Statement states, "Wartburg College is dedicated to challenging and nurturing students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning." When I toured campus, I could see that each and every student and faculty member embodied this statement. The professors were dedicated to their students education. Based on the other schools I toured, Wartburg College's practical home-like atmosphere is what drew me to this college.


It has an engineering program and it has skyswalks that connect most of the buildings.


The unique thing about Wartburg College is the travelling opportunities that they offer. As a freshman, I'm going to be studying in Costa Rica for May Term, which will count as a credit towards my Spanish minor. In addition, I've been accepted to the Wartburg West Sophomore Program, which is a semester long program located at Wartburg's sister school in Denver, Colorado. In this program I'll be able to take classes and placed in an internship. I'm also planning on studying international business abroad for a semester my Junior year, something that the College supports.


The W is advanced compared to most schools athletic facilities.


The teachers on this campus love the students and are more then just a little willing to help out the students. You can also talk to them about anything that you need to, there is a point where the teachers can also help you with more personal issues if that is what you want.