Wartburg College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I brag about most at my school would have to be the skywalks that connect all the academic buildings. In Iowa's brutally harsh winters, I never have to walk outside unless I am going to my dorm hall. I did not factor this into my decision of choosing a school when I chose my school, but it is one feature that I am grateful for everyday it's below zero. It makes going to class more bearable.


This school is so passionate about the students. I feel like every professor has the students in their best interest. I don't think I have met one faculty or staff member that doesn't care about their students. Yes the cost to attend Wartburg College is a high price, but the price is definitely worth it. I wouldn't trade my experiences at Wartburg for anything.


Wartburg feels like home from the minute you step on campus. It is very welcoming and everyone is so nice. The teachers and coaches put academics first and are very supportive.


Wartburg College is a friendly community with a lot of student, alumni, and professor support. Professors are very willing to help and meet with students individually even outside the classroom. Academics are strongly emphasized, but also a well rounded education in cultural experiences and extra curricular involvement.


This is the most friendly campus in the world!


We are good at most sports and i have a lot of friends.


The people at Wartburg. Everyone you meet has something to offer. I have rarely meet someone I didn't like at Wartburg.


The band program here is probably the best thing here in my opinion. Everyone is very close, the director is very personal, cares and is fun to perform with, and we have really cool international connections as well, so we get to travel and learn about different cultures in the U.S. and around the world.


I brag about the small class size, the close community, and the one on one attention from professors. I love how you really get to know your profs and they actually care about you as a person and want you to do well.


How close everyone is here, and how small the classes are, so you can learn so much more while really getting to know your professors and classmates.


The atmosphere is really nice around here and most people are friendly. The financial aid is also helpful.


The greatest thing about Wartburg College is the family atmosphere. Being part of the football team, I find that sense of family because the upperclassmen make the underclassmen feel welcome from the very beginning. Since I am a music education major, I am also very active with music ensembles on campus. I feel that same sense of belonging in those groups as well. Teachers really care about the students, and coaches do whatever it takes to help us be academically successful first, and athletics takes second place. I feel that they have be best interests at heart.