Wartburg College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would be the diversity on campus. My college brings in many students from all over the world, but when they get there the school does not do anything with them. In this case, there are so many opportunities to enhance the school and attract more newcoming students, but they do not take advantage of them. Most of the time, the minority and international population on campus leave the school because they do not feel a part of the campus.


The worst thing about attending Wartburg College is definitely the expense. Tuition is ridiculously high, and mandatory student expenses exceed $400 so that the college may pay off it's own debt garnered from the building of an entirely new sports facility. I think the college should have used whosever money they borrowed to rebuild the auditorium as it is literally falling in pieces. I thought I could get by with the financial aid I've received and the two part-time jobs I'm working. But it's becoming difficult.


Wartburg college has so much to offer, but one negative about it is the lack of diversity. We have international students from MULTIPLE different countries; however, unless one makes a committed effort to interacting with them, students here may not get that involved with them and learn about their cultures. For future or current students, I advise he or she to interact with all types of different people in order to get the full college experience. The international students that I have talked to have shared incredible stories, and have so much to offer us!


I would consider the worst thing about my school would have to be the tuition cost in attending this school.


I don't belive there is anything awful about Wartburg college, the only negative to the campus is the walk to the parking lots from the dorms. But the walk isn't that awful. It is just another opportunity to get some exercise in and keep yourself in good health.


Wartburg has many great assets and they far outweigh the negatives, but if there were one thing that stood out as the "worst thing" about my school, it would be something very small, such as the fact that there aren't water fountains on the third floors of the dormitories. Another thing that stands out as a flaw would be that the parking lots for freshman are a long walk away. However, Wartburg is a pretty well-rounded college.


Limited classes. I would like to pursue nursing at this particular college, but I'll need to transfer to another for that final degree.


Being a small school in a small town, Wartburg doesn't provide a "city" atmosphere. Though the school provides an safe environment, sometimes that feeling of safety translates into boring. Within the first month, I felt that I had exhausted the sights the small campus had to offer. It made me sad because I had expected so much more out of college; I wanted excitement. Wartburg didn't exude that feeling of excitement some other schools possess.


The worst thing about Wartburg is the price. It is really expensive. I also wish that there was a better venue for concert style musical entertainment.


Sometimes it seems like too much emphasis is put on sports rather than the arts, which deserve just as much credit. It also seems like we aren't doing as much as we could to protect and take care of the environment with things like recycling, power usage, etc.


Many of the same type of people and the professors trying to push political agendas