Wartburg College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I feel like a person that wants a challenge should come to Wartburg College. The school gives you alot of work but if you can overcome that and deveolp a great work ethic than you will be ready for the real world and challenges in your chosen profession.


About any type of person can attent Wartburg College because us students mix in well with about anybody. But I would say someone who is friendly and an open individual would fit in just fine with everyone on campus.


I believe somebody who wants a liberal education, has a passion for community service/bettering others, wants to have the opportunity to travel abroad and get an education with a wide variety of relgions and racial backgrounds. Also somebody who wants to better themself as a person and gain many cultural experiences along with life long lessons.


As I stated earlier I think that anyone could attend Wartburg! We have a great school with a lot of great people! I love the welcoming atmosphere, I think everyone would love the welcoming and kind students and faculty!


a brave person who can withstand anything


A person who should attend this school is someone who desires a good education and wants to be fully prepared for life and a career after the college experience. People make life long friendships here and also have a strong support network of professors and alumni after graduation.


Anyone who is highly interested in science, music, buisness, or just wants to get a well-rounded education sould attend this school. It is a great atmosphere and the class sizes are just right with about 15 to 90 students. Everryone says "Hi" when you walk by and makes you feel comfortable. Plus Wartburg has over 50 organizations one could join, oppurtunities to study abroad (I just spent May term in New Zealand for example), and an awesome fitness center.


You need to be ready to learn and enjoy being challenged academically. If you desire one on one interaction with faculty and staff who actually knows your name and genuinely care about your success this is the place to be. Outgoing and energetic students that desire to be involved locally and internationally will find multiple opportunities to participate. If you want to make a difference in the world and your community attend Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.


I person who should attend Wartburg College is someone who: Is a servant leader who puts other before themselves Someone who views learning as a tool that they can apply and carry with them for the rest of there lives (not just for the classroom). Someone who has the drive and desire to be successful Someone who is a leader or wants to lead others Someone who is goal oriented And lastly someone who isnt afraid to stand up for what they beleive in to be an instrument for others around them.


Someone who is white, likes being in Iowa, and doesn't feel the need to interact with people different from themself.


I think a person who is devoted to learning and likes a smaller college would be right for this school.


Wartburg is perfect for the student who wants to learn who they are, and what they can do with their life. Wartburg is for students, who like me want to change the world, and believe that our generation is capable of just that. The kind of person who can succeed here is the person who is willing to tackle life's harder questions and issues, knowing that the answers they find might not always be the answers they were hoping for. A person who believes in justice and wants to be an informed citizen of our world belongs here.


The person that attends this college needs to be ok with small classes. There are some classes where the student number is rasied, but that is not what always happens. There are some classes that require travel. There are also a lot of chances to do service projects. This college is in a small town, so a person who attends here needs to be ok with that fact.


A very involved, motivated person


Anyone can attend Wartburg. It has something to offer everyone, academically, athletically, musically, and socially. There is a great relationship between faculty and students. Coming from a small high school, I felt very comfortable in class, and knew I had the support and encouragement of my teachers. There is much to offer at Wartburg, and students of all races and ethnic backgrounds are made to feel welcome and it seems like all students, regardless of background fit in.