Wartburg College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who is not driven nor motivated. Wartburg students dedicate themselves and their time in all that they do, whether it is athletics, academics, music, art, etc. If you are someone who is reserved and has a mean personality, Wartburg would not be the place for you. Everyone here is like a family. It is a small campus with a lot of interaction. Also, if you don't like a small, quiet, and "country" environment, Wartburg would not be the best place for you.


I truly believe that any indivdual would love Wartburg College. It is a successful academic, athletic, and musical institution. There are many indivduals who are interested in being a multi-sport or an athlete and participate in music that achieve high standards. The amount of support from alumni, professors, coaches, staff, and other students is tremendous. All individuals think of Wartburg College as their second home.


I think that Wartburg is open for anyone to attend their school! Wartburg is welcoming to all people! Its a great place to be a community!


In my opinion, Wartburg is open to people of all types. Wartburg does not offer that which a technical school or a community college would offer, nor does it offer the extensive options that a state school might. Wartburg would not be the best choice for a person looking for a large campus, or a person that is looking for a large city life.


A person that shouldn't attend Wartburg College or any college is someone who doesn't have any motivation, determination and dedication. Students should have goals and a plan before taking their education to a new level, which is going to college. The only way to be successful in this world is to make the best out of the education you're paying for. Don't waste your time or the Professors time. Go to class and be on time. Do what you're suppose to do and in the end all your hardwork and time will evenually pay off.


If you are a person that isn't willing to learn in depth and learn for yourself rather than learning to keep the continuous cycle of the American dream going, you shouldn't attend Wartburg College. Not only must you want to learn for yourself, but you must have a good mindset and be willing to put a lot of work and effort into your education


A person who HAS to live in a big city. . .


If you are someone who wants to be extremely independent or likes to have a lot of things going on, then Wartburg is probably not right for you.


An individual who shouldnt atteand this school is someone who: Is not self motivated Someone who is going to school inorder to only graduate (and not apply their knowledge). Someone who waits for someone to lead, and then follows. Someone who is closed minded. Someone who doesnt appreciate diversity Someone who is not a servant leader.


A person who is very active in outdoor activities would probably not be very comfortable here. It's very flat, hot in the fall, and very cold in the spring. It is possible to do things outside, but there are not a lot of activities. Also, someone who likes a big city with things to do and good transportation should not come here. The college and town are both very small, and depending on preferences, there isn't much to do.


I think all kinds of people would be welcome at this school.


I think people who are not very focused should not attend this college. People who do not like a small town atmosphere should also attend this college.


A person who should not attend this school is someone who likes to live in the city. I think this because Waverly is a smaller community .


A person should not attend this school, if they are just looking for an easy degree and a good time. Wartburg is all about educating and developing the whole person. You work hard, you play hard, and you change a lot as a result of your educational experience. Anyone who doesn't like the sound of that, won't thrive here.