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Smaller classes mean that each student recieves quality one on one attention. Many sourounding schools dont provide each individual with the necessary attention needed to exel in their field of study. Teachers are able to remember the names of their students, which allows them to build a healthy learning environment. This also allows teachers to inspire their students.


What's unique is that it's in my hometown that I grew up in. I wanted to stay close to my family so I attended this college because my parents house is just a twenty minute drive away. I love being able to be independed on campus and still being able to see my family whenever I want.


I wanted to attend a college that was a reasonable size, but not overwhelming. I considered Kansas State University and the University of Kansas. The campus size and population of both universities were too large for my preference. The student to faculty ratio at Washburn is 15:1. I was impressed with the individual attention that I received from my professors and other faculty members. Students are well involved with the extracurricular activities and clubs provided. It is evident the students and faculty are proud of their university, which makes it welcoming to the new coming students and their families.


The class sizes are fairly managable. They're not too big and not too small. It's a good transition for anyone coming from a small school to a larger one, like myself. Plus, all of the professors are very nice and very helpful. They take the time to learn your name and actually call you by it, and always offer you extra help when you need it.


The professors and academic advisors are really helpful, the campus is smaller and class sizes are smaller, it's not quite as expensive


The campus is not very big so you dont have to walk very far to get to your classes. The gym is very nice and has a great laid back atmosphere. You have the gym,weight room, rock climbing and work out classes all in one building. You won't get lost.


Washburn has a very friendly environment, and it was rated as a top 10 school, which makes it even better. The school has a variety of majors and I could go straight to medical school or law school through washburn. The school offers many activities and it has a large amount of groups and clubs which is nice if you are looking to meet new people. The curriculums offered at washburn seem much greater than anywhere else. The school also offers on campus housing, jobs, tuitoring, and many more helpful things. Its perfect.


State of the art recreation center, best athletic training program in the state, small classes, students all get to know each other well


The thing that is unique about my school compared to other schools is that not only is it close to home for me but it is a small and quiet campus that makes me feel comfortable and safe. The classes are smaller than most big state schools and that gives me a chance to feel like I am learning more and getting more out of it than most classes.


The dorms are a great place to live and are very nice compated to other schools I looked at.


It is a private and small campus. It is comfortable and not as overwhelming as other campuses might be.


Washburn is a small university in the center of Topeka. It has a large variety of cultural activities and opportunities to make a make a name for oneself. The staff is always willing to give up time to help students, and to help them better understand the objectives. School spirit is something that our students strive for, and sporting events are a huge part of the social life here. We have great performing art programs along with the visual as well. There is always something going on here on campus.


Has a very non-traditonal student population


The school that I go to is the right size and diverse.


This school is smaller. When they say the classes have fewer students they didn't lie like K-State. The football field is in the middle of campus.


The student-teacher relationships are just amazing! If I miss class, my teachers email me to make sure that I am OK! They are so helpful and accessible and they all know my name. For that matter, President Farley even knows my name!!