Washburn University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I brag about the most when I tell my friends about Washburn, is the small campus and class sizes. WIth the small class sizes, I'm able to have a personal relationship with my professors, and they are willing to help you with your grades if you go and talk to them.


The smaller class sizes mean that the teachers really care about how you're doing in class as well as outside of class. The teachers are very willing to help students out.


The topics that I brag about to my friends about Washburn University would have to include the curriculum, location of the university, and the professors. The curriculum has a course or class set up for everyone; from Computer Information Sciences to Modern Foreign Languages such as Spanish, German, French, and even Chinese and Japanese. The location is perfect being a short drive from almost anywhere in Topeka, making it an easy commute. I brag about my sensei in JP101 all the time to my friends about how much she loves to see the language "click" in our minds.


I guess I would brag about how nice the campus is, and how the class are a decent size to where the professors can know your name. It also has a very good reputation as far a colleges go.


That it's ranked in the Princeton Review as a top school. And, that it has the best business program in the state.


Everyone is really friendly and the music program is great!


That all classes are not above 40 people. I don't have any large lecture classes.


That the class sizes are wonderful. Small but not too small, you get enough interaction w/ other students


I don't really brag about Washburn. I just say the small classes are really nice.


The music department.