Washburn University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I am not as familiar with the campus as I would like to be. I am volunteering in the international house on campus. This will provide opportunities for me to meet students from other countries. It may also lead to a job on campus.


The nursing school is unorganized and student often have to scrabble to find information.


The worst thing about the school is that there is a parking issue. When you get to class you have to drive around for at least a few minutes to get a parking spot. Many people park on the street across from the school and walk to class so they dont have to drive around for up to 15 or so minutes to find a spot.


I consider the worst thing at my school to be the lack of entertainment through the city. Although it is improving with more campus events, as well as more events through the city being planned.


It is so easy to get isolated from the students who are working on other degrees. This can make the student body feel a lot less cohesive.


I consider the lack of foreign language classes the worst thing about Washburn. I am very interested in the international aspects of my major and would like to learn the languages needed to advance. Also, Washburn has a number of places they send students for study abroad but does not offer classes to learn the languages spoken there. I took Spanish all through high school and would like the chance to learn a new language. I understand that Spanish and Chinese are the most popular but I think a larger variety will help to advance students view about different cultures.


It's somewhat boring and it takes a long time with admissions and registrar to get on the same page with you. It can be confusing.


The town that it's in. Topeka is the most ghetto town I've ever been to. The campus is right off the ghetto and most of the ppl are uptight assholes.


The Business and Financial Aid departments, it takes forever to accomplish what you want done, and students are not treated with respect which is a vast difference from all other areas in the school.


If you don't live on campus in dorms or live the greek life then you really don't hear anything about what is going on on campus. That is just one downfall.


I wish that the campus was more active over the weekends. when I lived on campus I hardly saw anyone over the weekends. You dont see people walking around the campus like you would at a larger school.


The social life isn't as good as it could be. I wish there would be more opportunities to meet new people. It would be fun if there was a coffee shop or area to hang out and study that everybody went to.


There are a few rules that could use some tweaking. Sometime it seems like instead of one person getting in trouble, the university is intent on brining down three other students who had nothing to do with thte problem, as is seen with the alcohol rules. (Any body in the room gets in trouble even if they aren't drinking.)


They have absolutely no sense of arts. There is no emphasis placed on making changes in the world.