Washburn University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe that any person whatsoever could and should attend this college. There are students of all races, ages, beliefs and economic status that attend this college. That is the great thing about this college. Because it is located in the Midwest, the people here are all very welcoming, kind and open hearted.


A person who likes to get involved in school activities but lives off campus. It is hard to make friends at this school if you are not living on campus or personally engaging with the staff on a daily. The staff do not go out of their way to get to know you.


I do not think it is fair to say what person should and should not attend this school. That just seems wrong to me. I also got my associate of science from a community college and it was a huge change from a small school to a university. I though high school and community college was tough at the time, but it was pieces of cake compared to a big university, especially nursing school. It is a whole new grading scale requirement and much tougher than i ever imagined. The only people that shouldnt attend would be non studyers.


A person who does not attend class regularly or does not feel like learning


If someone is not really trying to improve themselves shouldn't come to this school. It wouldn't be beneficial to others having a bad apple on school campus. At washburn I have seen some that has already left because school wasn't for them, but I think they shouldn't give up on school just go to our couciling services and ask for other options that would help them with their future


No kind of person!


someone just wanting a good time.


Someone who likes big campus's and big classes.