Washburn University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There aren't a whole lot of activities besides the sororities/fraternities. There are a few, but not many.


Classes that were supposed to tranfer often dont.


Currently, there are internet problems and connections on campus are not always attainable.


The most frusterating thing about Washburn University is that this school is a big communting school. It is hard to get together for group projects because there are adults in most classes. This school does not always have great school spirit; however, it is currently rebuilding with Bod Squad.


Science department; professors in that department could care less about students learning or struggling in classes


There's not much to say about the school that is bad.


The most frustrating thing would have to be a mix of the town and the student population. Washburn in located in a great part of town and there is plenty of good things in this area, but the news shows a different side of Topeka, on other sides of town. Their are also a huge percentage of non-traditional students at the school and they tend to take away from the traditional students experience, but student goverenment and other orginzations pride themselves on providing well enough programs to suit the traditional population.


The Transformation Experience (new) You must do one to graduate 1) 150 hours of community service (this is regulated and approved by the school, many things will not count) 2) Study Abroad 3) write a lengthy research paper assigned by a mentor 1 and 2, the person must do a presentation to get the 3 credit hours. I really don't have time for it because with working part time, paying for dorms, and going to class, there just isn't enough energy left in me (most of my community service is church related and will not count)


Nothing is really frustrating at Washburn for me.


Once again I am not frustrated by anything at school.