Washburn University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the size of the university. Everything is fairly new and updated. The professors are very helpful to students and are easily reachable if we need extra help. I really enjoy attending this school because of the school spirit. Many people attending athletic and school sponsored events.


There's many majors, activities and research project at IUP. The atmosphere is very nice and the housing is very modern and updated these days.


The best thing about Washburn is that it has a very good reptutation. Everyone knows that if you attend there that you are getting a great eduacation.


I think the best thing about my school is its size. I feel comfortable and it's also very close to home.


The beautiful campus is a very friendly almost isolated little world all in it's own that is a great place to grow as an individual.


I think the best thing at my school would be the college experience classes that you can take your first year in college. Taking one of these classes helps you get more involved with school and activities that go on atmy school. This class also help you better yourself in other classes and wanting to learn more. I think without taking this class I would be still confused about everything about washburn and where everything was .


The small class sizes and personal atmosphere.


The size, it relates to the small classroom sizes, the personality of the teachers and the ability to be treated as a student not a number. The faculty and staff expect all students to do what they do good, that is why as a freshman, you may be the president of your orginization or have a big job in the student senate. The students and professors here know how to lift up each other and it becomes a positive, intense circle.


Small classes mean that Professors get to know students invidually and are more helpful


They have an extreme amount of activities to get involved in that fit in everyone's time schedules.