Washington Adventist University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My school is a good one. There isn't much to do around the campus or in Takoma Park itself. There's more civilization and stores in Silver Spring. Also, there isn't a large variety of food for lunch or dinner. Yes, it is a Christian college, but it is obvious that Christians are not the only ones attending the school. All they serve is vegetarian and vegan food (there are eggs, but not fish or meat). The "meat" they do have is fake, so that's a negative. However, the breakfasts have more of a wide variety because it has fruit, pastries, waffles/pancakes/French toast sticks, etc. Because it is an Adventist school, there is not much to do on the Sabbath (Saturday) except prayer and dedicating time to God. Men are not allowed to go in the girls' dorm room (to move out any furniture) and cleaning and partying is frowned upon before sunset. Chapel is also mandatory, even for those who are not Christian. It happens every Wednesday, and we must receive a certain amount of Worship credits depending on our year. If we don't, we must pay a fine. Overall, I do like my school, but there could be some adjustments to make everyone one comfortable and not only a few. The good thing is that those in charge do take in consideration of our complaints.