Washington Adventist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is already a adult should attend the school. Anyone can attend this school, as long as they know their limits and follow the school guidelines. The indivdual needs to plan ahead on how he or she is gong to be finaclly cleared! You need to have time managment, there is a lot of time for fun! This school is a Seventh Day Adventist school, the school needs to be a comfortable background for you.


Anyone who wants to pursue more than just an education, but a stronger connection with God should attend this school.


Anyone that is looking for more than just a mere education should attend this school. WAU gives great education, but also teaches their students about morality and spirituality. This school teaches its students to be humane, humble and helpful. It teaches us to serve others and to help one another. It teaches us the love of God. Anyone who is looking forward to learning all these things should definitely get enrolled in WAU.


A person who is outgoing and ready to see what is out there. A person that is open minded and focused about their educaction and whats something better for their life.


One who is focused, determined, and ready to work hard to be sucessful while remembering the community


Anyone that is a christian, anyone who wants to go to college.