Washington Adventist University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the best thing about my school is where its located. WAU is located in Takoma Park, Maryland, where it has three different cities in all locations, enciricling us. First, heading north theres Langley Park, south, theres D.C, and east its Silver Spring. Transportation is always available around the school, so theres always things to do in each of those locations. Plus, its under twenty minutes away.


My school is very helpful and motivational. Everyone knows everyone.


the best thing about my school is that it is a christian school. and each of my classes we prayed before we start the lecture. that really inspire me a lot because in everything we do God should come first. also the lectureres are very nice and helpful. they want every student to understand what they are taught.


It allows me to fit school within my schedule and go at my own pace. I attend an online school Griggs University that is an option for working adults through Columbia Union College.


The best aspect of Columbia Union College is it's location. The campus is wonderful but you rarely want to spend all your time stuck on campus. Columbia Union College is located next to popular eateries and is only minutes from the nation's capitol.


The friendly people I can share my interests, thoughts, and I can talk freely about my religion without being judged.


The teachers care about students and there success.


I believe the music program is the best thing about the school.


The location is nice