Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


To ensure academic and community growth Washington and Jefferson College puts the individual student first.


Washington & Jefferson is a very nice little college that owes a lot of its success to very devoted and hands-on faculty, within the first two years at W&J everyone knows everyone else and its leads to a family atmosphere.


W&J is centered around it's success oriented students.


Washington and Jefferson College is a small Liberal Arts School that helps prepare students to graduate in 4 years in addition to getting a great education to prepare students ti be successful.


Washington and Jefferson College is a small, liberal-arts college where a large portion of the student population participate in athletics and the professors are very smart in their respective fields and who are always willing to help.


A small school with determined students who want to make a difference in the world.


Washington and Jefferson is a small private school, offering comprehensive and challenging classes and a variety of activities, clubs, and athletics.


A college of professionalism, academic growth, leadership opportunites, and a one of a kind education.


Washington and Jefferson is a small liberal arts college with teachers that are dedicated to making sure their students succeed.


Washington and Jefferson promotes an intense learning environment while encouraging students to become a close-knit community forming life-long friends.


Washington and Jefferson is a very small and comfortable college, it is a small community with people that are here to learn.


W & J provides a high-quality, well-rounded education to a diverse group of students.


Washington and Jefferson offers a lot to students who are willing to learn, ready to make new friends, love small a small city campus and who love the personal attention of small classes.


W&J is a small private liberal arts college founded in 1787 that can best be discribed in its mission, statement, "to graduate men and women of uncommon integrity, competence, and maturity who are effective life long learners and responsible citizens, and who are prepared to contribute substantially to the world in which they live".