Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Washington and Jeffferson College is best known for its small class sizes and close relationships between teachers and students. Smaller class sizes give students the opportunity to learn on a more personal level and have a one-on-one relationship with professors. When teachers know you on both an professional and personal level, they are more likely to notice any issues you may be having in the classroom.


My school is best known for their excellent Pre-Health and Pre-Law programs. Many of my friends are taking up one of these fields and are gaining necessary skills for the future. The field in which I will be studying, Elementary Education, is also quite dominant throughout the school. Students are given many oppurtunities while attending the college and many are offered jobs directly after graduating. The program both is rigorous and satisfying. The Education staff is always willing to help students and encourage them to succeed.


Ursuline college is best known for the nursing department, followed by the fashion department. Ursuline College also is known for the Ursuline Sisters.


We're best known for our pre-health program and pre-law program. We have one of the highest placement rates of students getting into medical school and law school per capita in the country. We have a very vigorous academic program, and we are a very competitive school. We are a small liberal arts college, and the breadth of study across all diciplines that a student needs to complete to graduate is very well known.