Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When i got accepted to Washington and Jefferson College the thing i was most proud of was that I was going to a school with a strong academic background and a solid reputation for graduating students that succeed in carreers after college as well as had a good experience in college.


W&J College has small classrooms. The most in a classroom that I have had so far is about 20 students, therefore you are a person not a number. The classes are taught either by a Professor or a Doctor, there isn't any other people teaching. The Professors are available to talk with you at anytime if you ask, they are willing to meet you in their offices and go over what is giving you difficulty and discuss in details what is expected from you as a student. I love it.


One thing I especially love about Washington and Jefferson is our wonderful President, Dr. Tori Haring-Smith. No matter where you happen to see her, she greets you with a big smile and happy attitude. She is involved in all the activities on campus and truely cares about each and every person on campus, whether they're students, faculty or workers.


I brag about the curriculum, experiences, and connections offered through education. Not yet have I had a class that didn't allow students to get on a personal level with the professors. I have seen all my professors outside class at least once if not more through open door office hours and appointments. They are available, helpful, and want you to do your best. Furthermore, I like to brag about only having four classes a semester, which allows me to focus on each one, and all the classes I had as a freshman offered great exploration to my undecided status!


excellent academic reputation and small class size


I brag about my small class sizes and the fact that my professors know me as a person, based on my work ethic, personality, intellect, and personal interests, rather than just a face or a number in a huge lecture hall. My film professor knows what directors I prefer, my academic advisor knows what type of music I like, and even my psychology professor - whom I only had for one semester - knew how many siblings I had. That type of personable relationship that I'm able to build with my professors has made my time here far more enjoyable.


I usually brag to my friends about the class size and professor to student ratio, which is twelve to one. I spent a good bit of time my first semester talking one-on-one with my professors, because I was able due to small class sizes. My classes seemes more like circle of friends with a common goal rather than just a room with windows and students. The professors were readily available for discussion before and after class, as well as weekends. I can say that my success first semester was based a lot on the availability of my professors.


I brag most about how this year I'm living in a Victorian mansion.