Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is the amount of stress to do good. Everyone always worries about their grades because the school is so demanding. It is definitely a difficult school, but you need to do your best all the time to get good grades. The faculty puts so much emphasis on the academics, and it is very troubling to know you have to do good.


Next to ZERO opportunity for off-campus housing.


recently there was a murder. and before that, there are numerous reports of students being mugged or assaulted on the edge of campus with minimal intervention from the school.


The worst thing about Washington & Jefferson is the fact that it is such a small campus, and the college and surrounding community seem to have zero ties whatsoever, leading to a sense of being on a little island for months at a time. The campus is great, but sometimes you want to be involved with things outside of classes with people of different ages and interests and that can be hard to find.


The location. W&J is located right in the middle of the small city of Washington. Altough the campus is very nice, there is such a lack of privacy from the surrounding community. It is not closed off from the city at all. It also is not the nicest part of Washington, so I don't always feel safe even though I completely trust the student body and trust the campus security. There is only so much security can do whenever there are housing projects with may shootings just beyond the campus line.


It is a very competative college. Being that it is an Liberal Arts College, Private College, the courses are extremly trying and you really need to concentrate and want to get good grades, developing great study habbits. I don't really have any complaints though truely.


The cost is a ridiculous amount.


I think our focus on non-academic aspects of our school is too low. If we put more focus on making the campus a little nicer, our athletic teams and facilities, greek life, etc., we would bring in more students every year which would only mean good things for the college. The school privides great academic opportunities, but improving the stature of our non-academic areas would do so many good things for our school. It could bring positive attention from outside, more opportunity for money to come in, and make the students very happy.


The worst thing about the school is trying to do everything all at once with getting a decent amount of sleep! This college offers a wide variety of activities including greek life. Due to the challenging classes, it takes about 3 hours to study for each class. I am a dedicated member to a sorority, I work two jobs, and I still manage to get decent grades. I feel as if I do get a lack of sleep. The stress levels among the students is high. But its a price we want to pay.


There is a lack of communication about the many oppertunities available to students. Intersession trips, activities presented by the Student Activities Board, and oppertunities like studying abroad and the Magellan Project.


The worst thing about my school would be the unfinished projects on campus; they look sloppy and are in the way.


Academics is very important on campus and keeping up with your school work is expected. It isn't a college that you can slack off and pass. Most professors take class attendence and expect you to get your work done outside of class. You are expected not to memorize information but to learn it and be able to apply it in real world situations. If your planning on coming to college for a good time with little work, this school isn't for you.


Sometimes small is bad, not always things to do


The worst thing about my school would probably be student and faculty view of the people who live in the surrounding area. They just don't seem to like them very much.


In the winter, the maintenance crew can become frustrating to students because they do not salt and clear the sidewalks as well as I and other students like.


The tuition is very high and the status of the economy makes it difficult to pay my bill each semester. I am in the process of trying to attain a loan for the spring semester and have not been approved for a loan program as of yet.