Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A student that is not committed to their academics should not attend W&J College. A student that has difficulty balancing their life should not attend as the students are to engaged immensely in the college community.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who struggles with keeping themselves on track. The coursework is difficult, if you are unable to focus and keep your studies at a top priority, you will be wasting your tuition away. If you are not motivated or do not have some idea of what you want to do with your life you should consider other possibilities.


A student who is not dedicated or disciplined to their studies. This school is extremely competitive and pushes students to do well in class and in extra curricular activities. If a student is not completely dedicated and does not enjoy the learning atmosphere s/he might not enjoy this school.


Anyone who thinks college is just supposed to be a four year party with minimal effort put into school work should not attend W&J. I saw first hand that a large amount of focus needs to be put on studies. There is plenty of time to have a lot of fun during college, but school is the main reason you are there and you must keep that in mind at all times. At a liberal arts school there are opportunities around every corner to take challenging and intruiging courses that you may not have taken otherwise. Use it!


Any individual unwilling to work hard or push themsleves to a knew, higher level of acadmeic and personal growth should not attend this school. W&J maintains high standards for all of its students.


If you don't like to study and you don't like people, I'd suggest finding another school. Dubjay is a great place for social interaction, and they are very firm on the academics, moreso than any state school you'll visit or even most private schools. So, work and talk, if you can't do that, I'd find somewhere else.


someone who isn't willing to work hard for what they want or someone who wants to do a lot of research in college.


Pre-graduate goal peopl


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who procrastinates and waits to do everything last minute. Sometimes the projects that are given by professors seem easy but often times there are little details that need covered. Also, the shouldn't be lazy and only want to play video games instead of doing their work. If they decide to play rather than work, their dedication will surely be represented in the G.P.A. Washington and Jefferson is a very hard school and incoming students should realize that college isn't always about partying and friends.