Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


that any post graduate work or school would only come on my own. the career services center severely lacks in their ability to help you with jobs, internships and futher study. also, the only department on the whole campus that helps with internships and jobs is the accounting department. if you are in any other major, good luck.


I wish I knew more about the social life at this school. There is a lot of drinking and frat parties on the weekends. However, there are always people to hang out with who don't drink so much.


Admittedly, I wish I had known more about the demographics before choosing Washington and Jefferson. I was not aware of how involved the school was with Greek life, which is not really my thing. There are definitely cliques of fraternities and sororities. Also, I wish I had known how fixated the male population was on weightlifting and protein shakes. Walking around campus seeing guys in their cut off shirts and hogging all the food in the dining hall has come as a surprise. However, when it comes to the education, I am very satisfied with my choice!


I wish I would have known that for acceptance into the school and for the level of scholarship money you are awarded W&J takes your GPA unweighted, which I believe is unfair because of the difficulty of challenging yourself in AP classes. So basically, if you get straight A's in academic classes your better off with acceptance and will recieve a higher scholarship than someone who challenges themself and gets a B in an AP course.


I wish i would have known more about the scale of difficulty in the classroom. The students at my school are very competive in the classroom and I was not as prepared for the competition and the difficult expectations that the professors provided each students to achieve. I came from a less competivie public high school so I was not quite ready for the intensity students had in the classes.


Better study skills


How people really where here. How much drinking gose on at this school


I wished I would of known, that after your first year, they took away a lot of the financial aid that you were granted.


I wish that I would have known more about all of the extra help that you can get from the faculty. I was worried about doing enough to make my resume look good for a graduate school and I found out that the professors have a lot going on and are very willing to help you get involved in numerous school related programs.