Washington & Jefferson College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Washington and Jefferson College is an institution that prides itself on providing the most rigorous academic programs by maintiaining close relationships between professors and students. The best quality W&J can give is an education that makes a student's learning oppertunities second to none, a qualitly that cannot be matched by many other institutions. It is from their ability of achieving "grade A" professors and extending learning oppertunities to outside of the classroom that highlights W&J's record of graduating students right into grad school programs or jobs in their feild.


The best thing about Washington and Jefferson is the education you are presented with. Students are granted many opportunities to grow through their learning and thrive in a business oriented area.


The best thing at W&J College is the small campus (1400 students total) and the small sized classrooms. Being that this is a small college, you get more one on one from the Professors/Doctors teaching the classes. You cannot be forgotten in these small classrooms of 14-25 students. The wrestling team is great as well.


The most impressive aspect to this school is the amount of students they send abroad to gain cultural experience. Over 70 percent go abroad before they graduate. Whether it be through Magellan Awards (a school funded research project) or semester exchange program.


It's small and the peopla here are all like one big family. Where it is located it seems like its own town-within-a-town and I love the small community feeling.


The best thing about Washington & Jeffeson College is the size of the school. It is quite small, so class sizes are at max about 30 people. This lets you get to know your professors and makes it easier to do well.


I love how much there is to get involved in at W&J, there are so many sports, clubs and activities to do. I also love the environment, the small college atmosphere is great because your really get to know your professors and you always get the help you need. Everything is so close, my farthest class only takes less than 10 minutes to walk to which comes in handy in the winter time. The food is great too, Parkhurst has so many different choices no matter what your taste is!


The clubs. There are over 20 different clubs to choose from at our school. Each club takes pride in welcoming new members, with games and ice breakers. The clubs at our school allow the students to express individuality and many times cultural awareness. The German club is a great example, they hold annual food tasting contests at the street fair and are always welcoming new members who know little or nothing about the German language or culture. This is why I believe the clubs are the best thing about W&J.


Our school offers a challenging curriculum. To be a student here, you should be honored. Here, we do not just learn the basics. We learn above and beyond and how to apply it to every day life. This college prepares us for a successful future. This is a liberal arts college; therefore, we can expand our knowledge by taking classes outside of our major. We have a close relationship with our professors. We are not just a number in the class. We are treated like scholars, each and every one of us.


W&J has a special community. For the most part, the students, faculty and staff work together to create a friendly and welcoming enviroment.


W&J has a very strong academic program altogether; it's very much unlike your average college. Through rigorous coursework, they assure that you get the best overall education not for the career that you think you want, but instead a well rounded education to assure that if you switch careers, which statisically speaking, you will multiple times, you are prepared for that as well. In addition, W&J, while having a very small school, has a very strong social climate, where everyone knows everyone, and almost everyone gets along well.


I consider the internship opportunities to be the best thing because there are so many and I got one that is leading to a potential job.


The best thing about my school are the class sizes. Most colleges and universites have large classrooms and a large student to faculty ratio. Washington and Jefferson however has classes are small enough that the professors know you by name. This enables the students to be able to receive one on one attention from a professor is needed. That is the best thing about W&J.


The best thing about this school is by far the professor-student relationship. The school is advertised as a small college with small class sizes, yet it is still surprising how approachable the instructors are. They truely care about your success and if you chose to be proactive in your education, they will make every effort to help you along the way.


Small size, nice facilities, good atmosphere