Washington and Lee University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


To a degree, these stereotypes are accurate. However, just because we all wear $300 shoes and attend $60,000 fraternity formals does not mean that we do not have problems. In addition, there are some students who do not fit this stereotype.


most are not true. while there are some students who are given whatever they want, the vast majority have to work and earn everything they have. many parents don't pay for anything their children need, resulting in a lot of students having outside jobs or working for the school. the vast majority of students are greek. lexington is a small town so the greek life does dominate. what organization you join does not define you though. you can make being greek whatever you want to and be as involved as you want to.


Yes and no. Stereotypes are never accurate for everyone.


The drinking, diversity, and greek stereotypyes are widely accurate.

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