Washington and Lee University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It has an amazing community, culture, and history. Town and campus are steeped in a rich tradition and they take the honor policy very seriously. Phenomenal choice of classes and professors.


Mostly I tell my friends about the amazing academics: the classes are small and the professors pay attention to your individual needs.


The honor code here is unlike anywhere else. Since George Washington established the school in 1749, we uphold a very high standard of of integrity in that there is no lying, stealing, or cheating allowed. Being convicted of any of these results in automatic expulsion unless you would like to go up to the Student Judicial Committee and try to petition your conviction. Because of our honor code, students leave laptops, bags, and even shoes anywhere around campus without and fear of them dissapearing or being stolen. I believe this code is what makes Washington and Lee so very special.


I tell them that it's one of the top liberal arts schools in the country.


W&L is an incredible school for academics, social scene, alumni relations, and outdoors activities.


My professors are amazing! The academic level here is very challenging, but professors always try to work with you whenever you're struggling. Both the one-on-one and classroom interactions are invaluable and leave a significant impact. Professor-students relations here are wonderful and allow me to have a better college experience.


W&L prepared me for grad level work very well. the professors are always available for advice. The psych dept is a close knit community. The foods pretty good. Its a place where youll learn alot about yourself. the diversity office is very helpful for students of color.