Washington and Lee University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Rich, preppy, conservative, all about Greek life


W&L students are Southern, Republican, Wealthy and White.


White, rich, preppy, Southern, conservative, 100% Greek Smart students that like to play hard after they work hard = a lot of alcohol


Rich, white and Southern


W&L is often considered the breeding ground for the future right-wing upper echelon.


We're a campus full of white, preppy, conservative, wealthy, southern spoiled brats. Greek life controls the school, and we drink more alcohol than state schools 10x our size.


1. Rich 2. White 3. Southern


Everyone is rich and white, that everyone dresses nicely all the time


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Washington and Lee is sometimes sterotyped as a rich, white kids school. Also, there are a lot of kids here from New Jersey, Baltimore, DC etc that play lacrosse and so its sometimes considered a "bro" school. There are also lots of southerners here, mainly Alabama.


They're rich, white, priviledged kids who only care about drinking, making money and moving back to their gated communities.


They are preppy, partiers, "work hard play hard"


The traditional stereotype of W&L is that it is a Southern school where greek life and money rule.


A haven for preppy, conservative students.


That all students are wealthy, conservative, southern, and stuck up.


The most common W&L stereotype is "southern prep." There are a lot of southern students at this school, and many come from private schools. W&L students are also known for being very smart, and for being involved in A LOT of activities. But, they still know how to have a good time.


Some stereotypes about Washington and Lee students are that they are conservative, and that they are very southern.


That it's a predominantly white, overwhelmingly preppy and affluent, conservative bastion of the South with a campus community controlled by a combination of tradition and Greek life.


Rich, white, southern, preppy, conservative


A typical W&L student is a white, preppy, wealthy, Southern conservative that has joined either a fraternity or sorority.


The most common stereotype for W&L is the "preppy" stereotype. Most people think that the only students who attend W&L are rich, white, and Southern.


Generally, Washington and Lee students can be stereotyped as well-spoken, well-dressed young men and women who take special care in their academic endeavors as well as in their social lives.


We are spoiled, rich, and Southern. W&L students are also thought to be close-minded and republican.


VERY Greek oriented school, with polos and southern-gentility for all


The college is said to be very small and very Southern, and students are known for having a lot of money and liking to party.


They are all rich, snotty, southern kids. They drink like fish.


That they are wealthy, mostly white, and conservative.


upper-middle to upper class white student body, preppy/ outdoorsy hybrids, fiscally and politically conservative, somewhat snobbish, all student drink excessively


If you haven't heard of it, you probably wouldn't have gotten in.


preppy, somewhat intellectual but more curious about the best way to have fun, rich, the southern gentleman, the prissy southern gal


Rich, white, like to have a good time


Some stereotypes that exist about Washington and Lee and Washington and Lee students are that they are all white, rich, and southern. That stereotype is false because I am not white, rich, or southern, and many of my friends aren't either. Another stereotype is that the students here are all monolithic and think the same way, which is farthest from the truth. You are going to meet people at Washington and Lee with very diverse ways of looking at the world, which is absolutely fascinating and ultimately, a great way to gain a better understanding of what people in the world are like. Lastly, another major stereotype of Washington and Lee is that everyone here has got to be apart of the Greek System, whether is it is through Historically black greek or Majority greek. I think that this way of thinking is dying out and the school is starting to see a lot more students opting out of going greek.


All girls wear pearls and that all guys show up to class wearing madras shorts and vineyard vines attire.


It is a close-knit community with a relatively uniform student body. Some classify us as close-minded and highly conservative.


Picture this: Sperry loafers or Rainbow flip-flops; chinos in Nantucket reds, buttery yellows, or soft pinks; every pastel shade of Polo shirts and button-downs imaginable; croakies expertly attached to sunglasses; floppy frat hair; and a cold can of Natty Lite, probably attired in a W&L coozie. This is not the stereotypical dress of W&L's fraternity scene...it's the reality of it. Dressing well, both in the classroom and while out at night, is an unspoken rule, and the students don't mind abiding by it. Men, see above. For women, this means brightly-colored dresses and well-matched shoes (Jack Rogers sandals are a current favorite). For a dressed down look, designer denim is another common adornment, and the classic prep style--chinos, button-downs, loafers--is always acceptable at W&L.


Preppy, rich, nice people who are very intelligent.


"All W&L students are rich, white, conservatives"


Wealthy, elitist, southern, conservative.


White, Upper-middle class, Southern, Party goers, Fun loving, Sheltered


1. They are alcoholics who drink all the time. 2. They are all rich, white, preppy, and stuck up. 3. The Greek system dominates and creates a social hierarchy.


Rich, southern, conservative, party animals, honest


"White and Loaded", girls with pearls drinking out of trashcans


Rich, stuck-up, preppy, hard-partyers, competitive.


Rich, white, and fratty.


Work Hard, Party harder. Preppy.


White, rich, preppy, Southern


The stereotype I hear most about Washington and Lee is that we're "White and Loaded," and that we are a very conservative university. The fraternity/sorority scene is very large, and so there is a stereotype of it's "only frat guys" and that if you are not in a fraternity, you're nothing.


People think that everyone at Washington and Lee is rich, white, and preppy. I know that one of the other big stereotypes about us is that we drink all the time.


It seems that the most common stereotypes about W and L are that it is a school for white preppy kids who are very smart but also like to have a good time. We are known as an academically challenging school, but it is no secret that there is a huge Greek scene on campus and most people will go out and get drunk on the weekends (and included in weekends are Monday and Wednesday nights).


rich, white, Southern