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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I hate this school. I really do.


On the plus side, the Lexington and the surrounding area are strikingly beautiful and there are some fun outdoor activities such as hiking. Now for the negatives...Most people, even in Virginia, haven't heard of Washington and Lee...they often get confused and think of William and Mary or Mary Washington.


W&L has been around for a long time, and the traditions and history of this school give us a great reputation. Not everyone knows about this school, but the people who do are always impressed and are usually well off themselves. The alumni networkhttp://www.unigo.com/explorer/reviews/takethesurvey.aspx?collegeid=194#; of this school is awesome, and W&L folks look out for each other all across the US. The education students receive here is top notch, and the faculty are some of the best in their respective fields. Class sizes are small, so most professors know all their students by name and get to know them on a personal basis. Students also get to know each other well, because you're bound to run into people more than once at such a small school. Lexington isn't really a college town, but there's a bunch of great places to eat and some unique shops you won't find in a big city. There aren't any dance clubs or major bars in town so most partying is done off-campus. The big thing to remember is that a degree from this school carries a lot of weight with a lot of people. The students from this school go on to do great things in business, law, medicine, and politics.


Honestly, W&L has been perfect for me. I love the small class sizes, how accessible my professors are, all the clubs and activities, the campus, everything. I even love Lexington--it's no big city, but I'm okay with that. The three hours to DC really is reasonable, and I don't have to worry about parking!


Washington and Lee is the best place on Earth! I can't imagine being happier at any other school. The administration knows students personally and will work with us to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Being the 9th oldest school in the entire country, there is an incredible amount of history here (including Robert E. Lees tomb). Throughout its history, many traditions have made W&L unique. The speaking tradition is one of my personal favorites: started by Lee himself, each student will smile, say hello, or otherwise acknowledge anyone who walks by them. It's about being nice, friendly, and establishing a sense of community. The academics here are quite demanding, but the small classes and brilliant professors make it well worthwhile. This school cares about its students and it will show you one of the best times of your entire life. I will forever remember the wonderful experiences and people from W&L. Lastly, the honor system is a huge part of the school. There is but one rule here at W&L, that everyone will be a gentleman or a lady at all times. If you lie, cheat, or steal, you are expelled from the university; otherwise, we enjoy an incredible amount of freedom and personal responsibility. It's truly a wonderful system.


W&L is located in a picturesque, typical "college town." It is quaint and charming. Chivalry actually exists and the speaking tradition makes for a friendly atmosphere.


I think the thing I like best about Washington and Lee is the emphasis we have on tradition. Some of these quirky events include: dressing up for football games, putting pennies on the grave of Traveller (Robert E Lee's horse) for goodluck before midterms, the speaking tradition (saying hello to people you pass around campus), and other things. The Honor System, though, is without a doubt the defining aspect of W&L. The system is manifested in many ways on campus: unproctored tests; self-scheduled exams, doors and cars remain unlocked; computers, ipods, and other valuables are left unattended in the library or other places around campus. Students trust each other and treat each other with respect. Similarly, professors trust their students. W&L has an Honor System that truly works. Rather than being a set of rules, the Honor System is a way of life, by which W&L students daily abide.


1. Beautiful campus 2. Small class sizes + awesome professors 3. An Honor System that really works 4. Greek Life 5. Alumni who love W&L


The big picture of W&L is that it is a small, close-knit school. The classes are hard but the rewards are great. Professors teach small classes and bend over backwards for their students. As hard as everyone works they play harder, there is not a dull friday or saturday night.


Alcohol. Bow-ties. middle of nowhere.


At W&L, the classes are hard. There is no getting around that. However, I've learned just as much in the classroom as I have outside of it. The social scene is a big part of W&L. Greek life is the key to the social scene here. Greek life, though, is a little different here than at most schools I've visited. Since basically everyone is in a frat or sorority, each house has a very unique mindset and its pretty easy to find a good group of guys or girls that you fit in with. The school is pretty small but it really helps in the classroom. I can talk to my professors whenever I need to and they actually know my first and last name. Lexington is a great little town but most students don't venture outside of W&L because there's really no need to. The administration is amazing. They are always there to help out and actually take the time to understand your side of the story. And of course, the honor system. Its the key of all life at W&L and its amazing. I can schedule my final exams for when I want to take them, I get to take all my other tests unproctered and I can leave all my personal items like my computer, wallet, cell phone etc sitting out in the open and know that no one will take them. I've never locked my door in the dorms or in my fraternity house and I don't need to. I trust all the other students because I know they trust me.


As a senior at W&L, I am very sad to be wrapping up my undergraduate career. Washington and Lee has challenged me academically and has pushed me to achieve things that I once thought impossible. Four years ago I would have never thought that I would have been a part of a 61 page business plan! I am so proud of all the work that I have accomplished and all that I have learned. I am also extremely grateful to have gotten to know all of my professors very well and to maintain those relationships throughout my time here. I know now that, after spending such valuable and stimulating time at W&L, I am capable of anything.


If you fit the W&L stereotype, you'll have a great time. Statistically, about 60 women experience rape or attempted rape each year. The school does not publish these statistics and prospective students deserve to know. Lexington is a sucky place to live--you're about an hour away from anything to do. If you don't drink, don't come to W&L because you'll have a hard time having fun and finding things to do on campus. W&L creed: Conform or be a community outsider. There is no school pride and the Speaking Tradition is dead. I would even argue the Honor System is failing. Men dominate the social scene even though the women are smarter and more active on campus. If you don't plan on being Greek, you will have a hard time finding friends and having an active social life. Academically, it's hard to beat W&L. I have been given opportunities here that would not be possible anywhere else. Most professors care about who you are as a person and


W&L is very small, but seems exactly the right size. Professors are always available to help, you know almost everyone you pass on the Colonnade, but there is still a ton to do and new people to meet. Lexington is quaint and cute, and while there's not much to do, no one is ever bored because the campus has such an active social life and we're so close to a couple big cities. Washington and Lee has a strong reputation beyond the campus, and people are always impressed when I say I go there.


Washington and Lee is a very unique school. The campus is full of history, and students tend to follow traditions. Everyone is very proud of the two men whom our school is named after. A key component of W&L is the student-run honor system. Everyone takes this very seriously, which allows us to have freedom in taking unproctored exams and self-scheduling our finals. Students understand that if you committ an honor violation, you may be kicked out of the school


I adore it here. The town is lovely- a true college town, the students are friendly, and the professors show genuine concern for their students' welfare. There's a sense of history here that you don't find at many schools, and a committment to learning that's reflected in our small classes. Plus, we can throw a party.


W&L provides all of the resources of a larger university, but in a small, community like setting. The campus itself is beautiful, situated between mountains in Virginia. There are so many extracurriculars to choose from, a student learns to prioritize. There are endless opportunities for leadership. Most importantly, the honor code truly makes W&L a unique place. The size helps, but what makes W&L a community and not just a school is the honor code. It is here that a person learns to be an adult, to have integrity, and to stand for something.


Washington and Lee is a small University in a tiny town in rural Virginia; but the campus offers lots of activities, chances to get involved in the community, and numerous student organizations. The honor system at Washington and Lee, started by Lee in his term as President, is incredibly important to WnL life. Finals are self-scheduled and unproctored and professors are able to give students a lot of scope on projects, with take-home tests, and other assignments. Students leave bags and laptops sitting around the Commons or the Library with little thought to theft. Students living on campus rarely lock their doors, and even students off-campus often neglect to lock up. The campus is very safe and even women living off campus can feel safe walking home from the library at 2 in the morning. The social life at WnL is dominated by the Greek life, with 80% of the student body choosing to go Greek. When considering WnL as a prospective, it's definitely a good idea to keep an open mind about the Greek system. All of the fraternity and sorority houses are owned by the univeristy and rented out, the parties are all required to be open to anyone at 10, and we practice a deferred rush process. Deferred rush means that freshmen don't participate in formal rush until Winter term, after Christmas break, so that they have time to get used to the campus and college life and time to get to know the members of the Greek organizations they are considering. Between the Greek life pride and the small school atmosphere, people who come to WnL and stay end up loving the university. Our strong alumni network,demonstrates the continued interest WnL graduates have in their alma matter. While the student body can appear homogeneous, students come from all over the country, with one of the most popular student home states being New Jersey. The school still tends to be a bastion of conservative students but that too is slowly changing. WnL also has a fairly large international student base, adding to the diversity of the student body. I have loved WnL since I got here, and would strongly recommend the school to students who want both a great liberal arts institution and a school with a popular social scene.


This school prepares you for anything and everything! You can go to schools where you have to pull all-nighters every night to finish homework, and then there are party schools where it isn't even neccesary to go to class. Washington and Lee is a place where you can grow however you want. First, classes are fun; the teachers tend to be a little ecentric, and lectures can lead places you never expected. Second, yes, we are social, but those skills are important also. I came in unable to really put myself out there, but here shy is not an option. This skill proved to be very useful as I have gone through the interview process the past two years looking for internships. Lastly, organizational skills become more profound from the participation in so many organizations. All major organizations are completely student run: Greek Life, The Executive Committee (deals with honor issues+), Mock-Convention, Fancy Dress, etc. I am already in my third year, and although I have already grown into a pretty awesome person, I know that things will just continue to go uphill.


W&L is unique-there's no other way to put it. This school has distinguished itself in so many ways over the years-it has such a rich history and so many great traditions, but it also has some of the most vibrant student life I've ever seen on a college campus. Students here are very intelligent and hold themselves to high standards. And, if you ask the average student, they will be quick to share all about how much they love W&L. It is a school that people get passionate about.


W&L is small enough that it is entirely possible that your professor will know everyone's name the first day of class, and even more importantly, professors become invested in each of their students because there are so few of us. The city of Lexington is wonderful, there are enough stores and coffee shops to keep city-lovers happy, and ample opportunities to explore the outdoors. Tubing down the Maury River and hiking Devil's Marbleyard are few "must-dos" before graduation.


The academic benefits of a small, close-knit school like ours cannot be measured. Having a class with just two students and a Pulitzer prize winning professor is not normal, nor can it ever be replicated outside the hallowed halls of academia. The small school has not once limited my opportunities; at W&L I have access to every opportunity students at bigger schools do, but I have less competition for them and more faculty support encouraging me to go after my goals.


W&L is a school that'll make you work hard, but it's definitely worth it. I have learned more here in four years than I ever thought possible. When I first came to W&L I wasn't sure if I would like it, but now I know that I love it and I'm excited to be a proud alum next year.


W&L is a great university. It's a great, welcoming place, to any and everyone. One example of this is my favorite campus tradition, the Speaking Tradition, where everyone says, "Hi" to each other on campus regardless of whether you know the person or not. More importantly, W&L is a school that makes sure it gives each student what they need to develop academically and personally. For some, this means the freedom to pursue independent projects for degree credit, and for others, it means meeting with your professor twice a week. The great thing about W&L is that whatever you need, whatever you want to make of your college experience, it is available to students here. Though W&L is smaller than super-large schools, that attribute enables W&L to offer its students smaller classes, all classes taught by professors (No TAs!), and a real university community. Even now, in my senior year, I am still meeting new people in my class. Frankly, I think W&L is the perfect size.


The first thing that stood out to me about W&L was the Honor Code, which is entirely enforced by the elected student body. The only “rule” is no lying, cheating, or stealing, and it doesn’t happen here because of the small community, and the penalty for one of these actions is expulsion. Students pride themselves in upholding traditions, such as the Honor Code, but also equally important traditions such as the speaking tradition, which promotes unity amongst W&L students, faculty, and staff. The Honor Code lends itself to unproctored exams, take-home tests, and you don’t need to be worried if you leave your purse or i-pod outside for a few hours.


Washington and Lee is an amazing place! It's a very small school and some students' high school are actually larger. But, the gorgeous campus with the historic "Collonade" fits perfectly in the quaint little town of Lexington, Virginia, with its 4-square block downtown with its brick sidewalks and little shops lining the streets. Lexington can be considered a college town, since the population of around 7,000 practically doubles when school is in session, since Virginia Military Institute is also in Lexington. Campus is small but a perfect size. You definitely won't have to catch a bus to your classes here! In most cases your dorm will only be 100 yards from your classroom building or the Commons or Dining Hall. Washington and Lee is an esteemed school on the East Coast and for it's size is very well-known and well-thought-of. They have a large alumni base especially in the major East Coast and Southern cities and W&L is a very tight-nit community. The faculty and administration at W&L are extremely involved with the students and their activities. President Ruscio and various Deans and Professors are known for having students to their house for dinner and we have a great relationship with our faculty and administration. It's a place you have to visit and see for yourself. If you walk around campus you'll experience the friendly environment because of W&L's unique "speaking tradition." So, sit in on a class, or stay overnight and experience everything W&L has to offer, you'll fall in love with it just like me!


Located in picturesque Lexington, VA, Washington and Lee University is a place filled with a unique dynamic of rich history and contemporary fun. Watching the painstakingly well-dressed students roam the historic Colonnade on their way to class, one could easily mistake the school for a movie set. Classes at W&L are rigorous, and the students are as enthusiastic about learning as they are about socializing off campus at frat parties. Somehow the student body consistently excels at keeping the two in balance.


It's a very good school full of self-motivated people. The professors are incredible and are always available to help. Academically, it would be difficult to find a more challenging and stimulating school. However, to survive at Washington and Lee you have to have thick skin. Gossip is rampant and it is difficult to succeed socially if you are not ready for it. The small size and isolated location augment the feeling of being in a social bubble. In general, it is a wonderful place to be, but not for the weak of heart. The school pushes students both mentally and socially.


the size is just right, and its amidst beautiful natural landscape in a very small southern town. there is so much school pride and even the alumni seem to always be comming back to visit. people who like to volunteer, like a sence of community, or who kinda know what direction they are going, are happy here. i admit that a couple students hav e trouble being comfortable here because it is very different from what they are used to and far from home. but these people are few in number, and the campus still boasts a student body from all around the country and the world. you should really visit the campus, have lunch here, and asks anyone and everyone lots of questions. there is a huge emphasis on studying abroad, internships, and a great alumni network and the school expects you to utrilize all the awesome opportunities. It is a work hard/play hard kind of school that boasts community at this boarder-line ivy league secluded gem. i couln not possibly stress the lable of a pride-filled community enough.


Washington and Lee is unusual for many reasons. It's not for everyone- the smallness means that it's hard to disappear. If you have a bad experience with someone, you are bound to see him or her again. On the other hand, the small size means that walking around campus, you know everyone. You will never have a TA. Your professors will invite you over for dinner, and some will even call you if you've missed class (only to ask if you're ok, not to pry). I loved every minute of being there, I wouldn't have gone anywhere else.


Best thing is the sense of community I love the small classes and personal relations that are possible and encouraged with professors. Always remember my professors knowing my birthday, my interests, and my story- because they can I would like to see the rampant alcoholism and snobby attitudes dissappear. That is what I would change.


The best thing about the University is its academics. There is a work hard, play hard attitude, but the work that students do is remarkable in its quality, and you get a great education. The social aspects of the school are limited, students must make their own fun because the town is small and offers more for those interested in hiking or arts and crafts than for those looking for a night life. The school is about the right size, I'd say. The biggest problem with the school is the limited diversity, not just in terms of background but also in terms of viewpoint. It is a very conservative place. At the same time, minority recruitment has made strides over the years but there is still much room for improvement. Also, the way gay and lesbian students are treated here by other students, as well as the way women are treated, is extremely disappointing. The culture is still male and hetero-centric, and there are a large number of students who aim to keep it that way, whether it means resisting calls for change or actually engaging in harassment or verbal degradation of women and minority students. The Administration means well. They are in the inenviable position of any administration: trying to please all the students and faculty and trustees at the same time. They try hard, and I think many of them would like to change things more than they have, but they do not want to take the risk of acting in a bold manner.


it feels a bit small sometimes, but i do not want to see the school's size change. most of my time is spent in the fraternity house. when i tell them i go to W&L, i either get an "i'm impressed" eyebrow arch, or a "where is that again?" W&L is run smoothly, few problems with "red tape." W&L is (almost too) steeped in tradition, with many old secret societies and drinking societies. the only real student complaint seems to be that Lexington is too small.


Here's the thing about W&L... Best decision I've ever made. And I'm pretty sure 99% of my class could attest to this. Despite our attempt at DIII sports, of which I dabbled a few years in (no seriously, theyll take almost anyone), we have the school pride of a state school. Minus the body paint. Insert, coat and tie to football games, girls in sundresses. Varsity garden party. This little script box couldn't stand to hold even a summary of a month at my time at W&L but here's a few statements I've heard through the years that might be most effective: "If you gave me an acceptance letter from Harvard (or insert any school's name here) today, I'd still pick my experience at W&L time and again." "Freshman year i recall i once announced to Caroline* that we are the happiest people literally in the entire world. i had done the calculations, assessed our status in the grand scheme of life on earth and had deduced that we were literally the ultimate happy people. and looking back from the vantage point of graduation morning, i was right." - excerpt from a friend's email on graduation morning The people at W&L seriously make the experience. In my efforts to make this as sincere as possible, I cried the day I got in and I cried the day I left but the moments in between were some of my happiest.


For me Washington and Lee is a place to learn, make connections, and enjoy life. Being in a fraternity sort of separates you sometimes from your stereotypical ivy collegiate experience and vaults you towards a life not dissimilar to Animal House. But my favorite part about the school is that your in the same classes as the men and women you party with - it brings energy and life to the classroom that I don't think you have anywhere else. Also the small class size lets you get an education that's really in touch with the professors, no TA's was a big draw for me. I'll be a junior this fall and my biggest class so far has been about 26 people.


The best thing about Washington and Lee is the small campus and community feeling you get from being there. The school is the perfect size where not everyone knows you, but you still have the opportunity to know everyone if you really wanted to. Another great thing about Washington and Lee is the small class size which allows for much more individual attention between you and the faculty, which you really can't find at a lot of bigger schools that are not as prestigious as Washington and Lee. Even so, there are things about Washington and Lee that worry me and should worry any student who is looking at college and that is the work hard, play hard mentality at the school. A lot of the students can party quite regularly and do well, but there are students who are not able to do this, and many of them who try to wind up making huge and sometimes fatal mistakes. Thus, I question whether or not we glorify this party mentality too much and look over the fact that there are a lot of negative things that come with habitual heavy drinking, such as increased sexual assaults, more alcohol related emergencies, and even the spread of sexually transmited infections. These are some of the issues that currently plague the institution and are causes for alarm for some students. That said, Washington and Lee still has a great deal of wonderful qualities. The school is gorgeous nearly all year and the administration is made up of some of the best and brightest teachers, counselors, and minds that can be found in the United States as well as abroad. There are countless opportunities to go abroad to learn and see the world. And the greek system, despite some of it flaws opens students up to vast opportunities for networking and socializing that a lot of other schools are unable to match. Some of my most valued memories and greatest connections are directly because of my decision to go greek and at times, I did question whether it was the right decision for me, but I always come to the same conclusion that I am a much stronger and well-rounded person for going greek and it has positively impacted my life in more ways than I can say. Finally, there is a great deal of school pride which can be seen at Homecoming and at other times throughout the year. Once you are a general, you are a general for life.


One of my most recent and loving memories of Washington and Lee was when half of the senior class stayed for the night of graduation and went nude rope swinging into the Maury as a class. It showed that after four years our class had become unified and loved being with each other. Also, the administration wishes the students to become involved in the future of the school, and if one wishes to become involved in the various student run committees, he or she can make a huge impact on what W+L looks like for many years to come. After graduating and talking with many faculty members, they seem somewhat frustrated by the inability of students to take part in these discussions. The typical W+L student works hard at class, is involved in a varsity sport or leadership position at the school, and is a member of a fraternity or sorority. Balancing all three of these activities is often difficult to manage and often limits the student's capacity to become involved in school policy making. The few individuals that are not involved in these other activities are able to voice an opinion (good or bad) for the students to the faculty.


Overall, W&L is a small school with endless opportunities. Professors, coaches, and peers encourage and foster your desire for academic achievement as well as athletic, social, or community goals. W&L prepares you for the real world. Although W&L may seem like a Greek life fantasy world stuck in a bubble that extends 2.5 square miles, no student graduates without the skills and knowledge to tackle whatever they want to do. W&L prides itself on its honor system, and the difference with W&L is that those ideals are upheld with the highest respect by the students, professors, and community. The W&L bubble is a safe one, and never without a friendly smile or hello. Lexington is a small historic town, but the people love the school and love the students. With the town being so small, the school provides many extra-curricular activities. Students are very involved: the Outdoors club is popular since there are so many options in the mountains. The school is very concerned with environmental needs, and you won't walk 100 feet without finding recycling bins. A lot of times, you can get lost in the bubble, being so far away from everything. But the school is always up-to-date on the most current world events, and professors are happy to take a break from the syllabus and discuss it.


Washington and Lee has plenty of student and alumni pride, which means that it's easy to network with the ambitious people who go here. That being said, the social scene is not as fluid as it initially appears. With fraternity and sorority membership extremely popular, friend groups form early and last: you end up knowing a lot of people, but being fully accepted into a group that's not in your sorority or fraternity can be difficult. Otherwise, people are generally very polite and respectful; the speaking tradition (everyone walking on campus says "hello" to each other) encourages this sense of friendly camaraderie. And while the social scene is probably receives the most attention from students and sites like this one, it's important not to forget all the opportunities beyond campus life. Hiking trails, the Maury river, and nearby farms afford outdoor activities that you will not want to miss out on: my favorite W&L memory is camping out on the Appalachian Trail with a group of friends during the last week of senior year.


Its a small school, so everybody knows each other, which helps the spread of rumors. Most people here drink, and drink a lot, but they know that academics come first. The administration is trying to kill some traditions, like Spring Term, and the frat life.


The school is the perfect size, you know everyone by name at least and you can have a real relationship with the professors. The best thing about Washington and Lee is the cultivation of leadership. With all the extracurriculars, from the Greek System to IM's, Washington and Lee develops each student's character and allows them to be as involved as they wish. I spend most of my time in Newcomb Hall, the Commons or the Greek houses. I'm from a western state so most people have never heard about Washington and Lee. However, when someone does recognize the name they have only good things to say about our community. The best part of Washington and Lee, and what has shaped my college experience the most is that this school is what you make it. If you only sit on the surface and see W&L as a shallow party school, you'll never know what you're missing. The history of this school is what makes it so special, and by getting involved, students make that history and continuously shape our community.


My love for W&L is incredible, just like most of the student body. People love this school and have so much pride in it. However, it is a hard school socially. The Greek system puts a huge strain on friendships and confidence. There is a definite order of frats and srats from highest to lowest and it gets bad. Some people from higher srats won't talk to people in lower ones, and you always have to go to parties based on where your sorority is welcome. Besides that, people do generally love everyone else. The speaking tradition is great and the professors are amazing. The small size allows you to get to know everyone and I love that.


town needs more attractions. administration needs to remember that this school is based on tradition and maybe they should be a little more lax on the fraternities. after all, they've been here since the beginning. I will always remember the professors that show their love for W&L by getting to know each student and continuing traditions.


I am in love with Washington and Lee. I feel in love with it when I was a freshman in high school and I have loved it since. To me it is the best school in the entire world. It is the perfect size. I love the fact that my teachers know my name and that to them I am not just a number on their roll list. The acadeic environment and education is amazing but we still have fun at the same time, so really it is the best of both worlds.


The best thing about Washington and Lee is that you can meet professors during their office hours most of the time and, if not, you can arrange a meeting with them without any hassle. The school was too small for my personal tastes. I find that bigger and larger communities tend to have higher scales of competition and therefore better quality of people the higher the social stratosphere. How do people react when I tell them I’m from Washington and Lee? Well… it depends on the place. In Korea, when I tell people I’m from Washington and Lee University, they reply, “Ah, Washington University, that’s in D.C. (or Seattle) right?” I just shake my head and agree. In the Bible belt region (US), educated people recognize the name and associate it with a top tier school, likewise in the Northeast regions, but only in big cities. On campus I spend most of my time in classrooms or the gym. The rest of my time was spent at home or in my room. College town… well, Lexington had two bars when I went there I think they have three now. Most of the social scene happens in fraternity parties or extracurricular (non-alcoholic) events held by different organizations on campus. My opinion of the administration is mixed. The administration, as in non academic administrators only (which would exclude most professors), does what is in their best interests as any administration would do. Since everyone smiles a lot there it is hard to distinguish genuinely friendly and honest people and superficially friendly and dishonest people. The biggest recent controversy… well, one aspect that really appealed to me was that Washington and Lee has a student body hearing for any major judicial matter that might occur so most of it is public some others are private. However there are two catches to this. One is that you have to be socially active, by being in a frat or constantly read every weekly massive spam mails they send. Two, is that not every issue makes it to a student body hearing. From my perspective, a lot of “behind the doors” politics occurs that not everyone is allow to know about. There is a lot of school pride. Unusual? I guess it would depend on your perspective on things. I found the popularity of pink cloths amongst the males quite um… unusual. Don’t get me wrong, most girls can wear pink clothes and still be fashionable, and few guys can manage to pull it off every now and then. But I remember staggering home in a drunk one night seeing flocks of guys wearing very similar clothing all in pink. It’s a memory I’ll associate only with W&L parties and gay pride parades. Not that I have anything against either, but I would not go out of my way to join them. One experience I’ll always remember… ah… there were a few times I lost my wallet on campus. Most of the times the wallet was returned will all the money intact. It is a unique positive aspect of W&L, and maybe it’s a thing only found at W&L. What do students complain about… I don’t know. I what do students complain about? School work I guess?


It's not for everyone. Definitely visit. W&L looks amazing on paper but it takes a certain person to feel comfortable here. W&L students have a lot of pride for their school whether it be academics, athletics or the social scene. Don't come here if you're not willing to shout "I LOVE W&L" across the collonade.


There is a lot of personal attention from the professors-you're not just a number. While Lexington isn't the most exciting town, the Greek system provides enough to do that you are rarely bored.


Anyone who goes to Washington and Lee can be proud of it. School pride is an amazingly big deal here. Everyone knows each other, and you will always be helped if you need it-- whoever you may hang out with. It's extremely friendly... we have a tradition of saying "Hello" to everyone, and it makes for a very friendly atmosphere.


I honestly wouldn't change anything about our school. It is the perfect size as far as I'm concerned...it may be a little small just in the way that everyone knows everyone else's business, but it doesn't really bother me. It just comes with the territory. It's in a very tiny town, but it's not really that bad. Roanoke and Charlottesville are only 45 minutes away and Lexington is a great place to live.


W&L is a place that has really allowed me to grow in ways that I wouldn't have expected. The small size of the college allows for you to explore options that you wouldn't think about doing at a larger University, and more importantly succeed in these endeavors. The liberal arts environment not only allows the students to explore different academic fields, but also carries over into life outside of the classroom. I am a member of a Greek organization who participates on multiple varsity sports teams and also plays an instrument in the orchestra on campus, and I don't feel obliged to define myself by any single one of those commitments.