Washington and Lee University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most disappointing aspect of my experience at Washington and Lee has been the appalling treatment of women. The statistics for rape are four times the national average, and ultimately I have been underwhelmed by the University's lackluster response to this intolerable situation. The University has hosted several programs in which strategies for rape prevention and bystander intervention, but I remain skeptical as to their effectiveness, as there has been little decrease in the number of rapes in the last few years.


The cost of attending is very high. The school is also located in a very small town and finding activities to do in town is a challenge, as the town does not have many activities going on. There is no mall in town, so one has to travel 60 miles south or north to get much needed items, unless one wants to settle for walmart.


Sometimes its hard to fit in. For example, since so many people on campus are involved with greek life, labels are associated with certain frats or sororities. Being a member of one will automatically cause people to make assumptions about you and your friends, family, economic status, personality, etc.


The rich white conservative thought and mindset that prevails in almost all settings (from academics and politics all the way down to the party scene). Even though they are not the majority, this school community prides itself in the southern white tradition, that is nice in some settings, but poisonous in many more.