Washington College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the close-knit family of Washington College. The students and professors at Washington College have a very personal relationship. As a student, it is nice knowing that if I have a problem or if I need help with anything, all I have to do is go and talk to my professors. Also, it is nice to be able to say hi to multiple people walking to class.


How much of a community we have here. For this to be a big college, it doesn't feel this way. Also our academic programs are amazing in their fiends and conduct actual research while also teaching students which is important for keeping on top of your discipline and up-to-date on the newest technologies.


When I tell my friends about my school I tell them how much fun I have here. Here at Washington College we have access to the Chester River in which we can water ski or enjoy a nice relaxig day out on one of the campus provided boats. I also tell them about the different activites planned by the student event board which offers safe, alcohol free parties and celebrations throughout the year.


It was very close knit and friendly. The professors were great.


The small, intimate class size makes you comfortable to ask Professors for assistance with any issues or questions. As students are very comfortable with their classes, they feel more willing to contribute allowing for interesting and interactive class time. The staff is highly approachable and sets the stage for a highly productive learning environment.


My school is home to about 1,200 undergrads. This means that the classes are smaller in size thus making the learning enviroment more intimate. Most of my friends attend larger university's and sometimes have classes with 50-300 people. I like it that my teachers know my name and my learning styles. It's nice to know that my teachers don't really care about grade persay but they care if i have learned anything or not. This is one of the larger reasons why I chose to attend Washington College.


Small class sizes, professors really get to know students and vice versa.


Its pretty.


I love the campus, its historic and beautiful. I love the people, they are friendly and open, the campus becomes home away from home.


When people ask about Washington College, I like to tell them that it has a great tennis program, a new science building, and a beautiful campus. If they ask whether i chose the right college, I like to say yes because there are so many friends I have made and I love every second of the school.