Washington College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part of Washington College is the drive to any chain store or restaurant. There is great home cooking local restaurants (Recommend Lemon leaf!) and the much visited Dunkin Donuts. But the closets Panera or Chipotle requires a drive to Easton.


The worst thing about my school is that there is not a football team.


The worst thing is that some professors don't care enough about the students. Some think only about the research that they are conducting


The lack of diversity is a major problem at my school.


When applying to schools I was extremly excited for the school spirit and sports spirit that I had always seen in colleges, whether it be movies or sports events. What discourages me is the fact that this school does not have the best school spirit, especially when it comes to its sports. I have been to a couple games with high hopes just to see that the people in the stands are a few students and parents. This school is a great school, but I wish it had more spirit and a better devotion to its sporting teams.


The worst thing about Washington College is it's location. Chestertown's population is about 5,000 people. There is not a wide variety of shops and businesses in town. I want to major in International Studies and work for the government. There is no government buildings located in Chestertown, so when I want to get an internship I would have to look elsewhere for possible options. Living in Chestertown limits what activities you can do.


It seems as though some students do not understand that everyone is not as wealthy as themselves and they sometimes throw this in other people's faces. Sometimes it seems hard to fit in at this school if one is not wealthy.


Being so close to a bad part of town


Diversity. Washington College is not very diverse. Also, it's very expensive. A lot of kids have to leave because they can't afford it. I do, however, believe that the quality of education is worth the cost if you can afford it.