Washington College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are a city slicker who cannot survive without easy access to a strip mall or shining lights, then this is not the school for you. Washington College is located in Chestertown, MD. It is so small that I have accidentally walked out of town. The closest Chipotle is about a 30 minute drive. Basically, if you do not have a car your first year, (which we allow by the way!) then you will flip your lid. But a small town isn't that bad! Actually, Chestertown reminds me a lot of Stars Hallow from "Gilmore Girls." The locals are always trying to overcompensate for the town's size. We all look forward to events such as the Harry Potter Festival, the cardboard boat races on the river, Chestergras, the book festival at the local used-book shop. The college also has a Student Events Board that always plans these fun activities, like Bingo nights, spring concerts, bubble soccer, and tailgates! And if you're really dying to do some shopping, a lot of students use Amazon to get things. (Prime has a special offer for college students, ya know.) Yeah, Goose Nation is small. But that doesn't mean Washington College has nothing big to offer.


The only person who should not attend this school is an unmotivated person. This school is full of opportunity but along with that opportunity comes a challenge all students must be willing to face. Classes are tough and our professors are willing to help students who want to help themselves. Being unmotivated is the quickest way to be unsuccessful. A person who is not looking to chanllenge themselves daily is not the right fit for Washington College.


Someone that is serious about getting a good education and is wiling to work hard for their degree. Should also be a hard worker, kind, and helpful to others.


Someone who likes meeting new people, and wants to live in a city and go to a big school


Open minded fun loving academically driven students.


One who would not enjoy a very small school in a rural enviornment.


Someone who is lazy and unmotivated


Anyone. There are a lot of wealthy people who attend this college.


I don't know if there's really any stereotype of person that would necessarily be unhappy here, but I think a person who wanted something other than what Washington College offers should not attend. For example, someone who wants to go to school in an urban environment should not go here, or someone who wants to be a film or journalism or some other unavailable major. There are niches for all types, but there aren't necessarily resources for all needs.