Washington College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Spring semester, early February. It's Monday morning. You have an 8:30 class. You live in (Minta Martin, Reid, Caroline, Queen Anne). You have two minutes to make it to class, and the one thing that is stopping you from sprinting across the campus green to Goldstein is the darn traffic light at the crosswalk. That red hand mocks you as you shiver in the cold. Several other students join you on the sidewalk, waiting, shaking, twitching from lack of sleep. And you told yourself last night, before your eyes closed, that you would't hit the snooze button the following morning. Ha ha, nope! This is possibly one of the most frustrating things to happen your freshman (possibly sophomore) year.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is not much to do. There are not many off campus activites nearby. Thankfully the school provides plenty of on campus activities to keep all the students entertained throughout the week.


The lack of diversity is frustrating.


We don't get some days off that other schools do.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of housing available to the student community. The school is rapidly growing in enrollment, and the school is having difficulties keeping up with this increase. I do belive that new dorms are going to be built to help with this rapid increase. Other than the living style academically the lack of classes that are available. What i mean about that is classes get filled so quickly it is hard for underclassman to always get their first picks for classes.


There are two things that frustrate me. One is the transportation. Washington College is right in a quaint town and by two shopping centers, but beyond that you would have to drive about thirty or fourty minutes to get somewhere. You have to be ready to settle in to just one location. The other problem is their food service. The food is unhealthy and you are required to be on a meal plan unless you have a doctor's note--which I do.