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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As time passes, the more we learn. Looking back at my high school self, there are many pieces of advice that I would give myself. The first and most important piece is that hard work pays off. While it maybe fun to relax and enjoy the time you have, you must remember to look for toward the future. Working hard in high school will make the transition into college much smoother. Another piece of advice that I would give myself is to just be myself. There are so many people around you that are trying to influence you and your decisions. By knowing who you are and what you like it will be easier to make decisions when it comes to your major and the college that you want attend. Those are two pieces of advice that I would give myself as a high school senior.


Take more hard core sciences that are recorded as sciences. Some degrees, especially new ones, may cover the same material or even cover the material more extensively, but will not be recorded as the same material. You can take three years of chemistry in your emergency management classes, but if they are not labelled as "Chemistry" or a hard science, they will not be counted as three years of science. So do what you love, but make certain that it's labelled for what you need! Or at least make sure that you clep those sciences immediately.


The thought of going to college used to frighten me because of the things that the teachers in high school used to say, “If you fail a quiz or test, professors won‘t give you another chance.” In summer before I start college, I attend Summer Bridge program, which was instructed by professors and they treated it like a real semester. After the program I gain a little bite confident because of how well I did on it. Attending my real first semester, by my surprise I’m doing well on all of my courses. So far in my college experience, I have got and gain confident and self motivation. Seeing how well I’m doing is giving me the strength and motivation to keep on attending classes. I’m glad to make the decision to attend college because now I feel important and proud of myself knowing that I’m doing something that will help in future. I’m doing better than how I did in high school! They say college is hard? They wrong. College is easy, high school is hard!