Washington State Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Advice I would give my high school self was take school more seriously. I thought college was more for socializing and meeting new people, I wish I would have listened more in class so I could take full advantage of what I was learning. I could have taken my education so far if I had only buckled down more in some of my classes that I thought meant nothing. I also would have told my high school self to find a career before you leave college so you would not have to go back again. I graduated college and then figured out what I wanted to do, making me have to take more classes in order to be eligable for graduate school. I feel like it would have been easier if I had known what career path I wanted to take before I graduated.


I would tell myself that I should have left right after high school because I needed to get out of the area. Even though it was been nice to get my basic classes over with and save money while doing it. I wish I could have went after high school to get more of the high school experience.


Since I started attending Washington State Community College, I have experienced how the classes are ran and what the teachers expect from me. I have put all my effort into my classes and my grades reflect upon my work. I understand the difference between highschool and college since i begain attending. With college I have to put forth more effort and determination to complete my classes. With the experience I have recieved by participating in the classes and attending college I know what to expect when I transfer to Columbus State Community College where I will work towards obtaining my Veterinarian Technician Degree. Washington State Community College provided my basic classes that would prepare me for the classes I will be taking at Columbus College. Since I have taken these classes, when I attend Columbus College, I will have my basic classes which will put me ahead of schedule and will allow me to take my required classes in order to graduate.


if i could go back and give myself advice about college and the transitions that are made , i would tell myself not to be bothered with those who are mean during high school. i would also tell myself to push. push until i exceed above the class, but to also help those that fell behind make it to the top. as for the transition to college, i would remind myself to be persistant and that sometimes things dont always go the right so you have to find a way to fix them. i would tell myself that college isn't really any different than high school, academically. it just takes alittle self control and time management. but most of all, i would tell myself that college isn't as frightening as i thought that it would be, and that i should be proud of myself because im 17 and in college.