Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This University is staffed by experts who have a gift for relaying advanced material to their students; this staff places high expectations on students' involvment and dedication in and outside the classroom.


A university dedicated to providing the best learning, social, and cultural experience possible by means of excellent teachers, plentiful resources, and a dedication to accepting new ideologies, encouraging tolerance, and fostering dialogue on a diverse range of topics to students who, for the most part, appreciate and take full advantage of the opportunity.


Washington University in St. Louis is remarkably clean, is filled with very kind and friendly people, and has a community for anyone.


Full of people who are the right mix of interesting and smart


Washington University in St. Louis is a prestigious university that allows students to collaborate with expert faculty and other intelligent students in an environment that encourages complete personal development.


Wash U is a community where the people are all very friendly and very real; they legitamitly want to get to know who you are and help any way they can.


Washington University offers a range of affordable, accessible undergraduate and graduate programs that helps students develop intellectually, personally and professionally.


Washington University in St. Louis is an intellectually challenging school that presents an ideal atmosphere for individuals focused on education and with the motivation to succeed in one or more of the many pdrograms offered.


Wash U is an academically driven university with a liberal mindset and Midwestern manners.


WashU is an extremely academically focused school filled with students eager to be involved in the strong campus community and contribute to it. -


Washington University in St. Louis is an excellent institution of higher learning with a culture of acedemic excellence and community involvement that focuses on a stylized narrative of leadership, which inadvertently favors the aggressively bold (extroverts) and devalues the contributions of uncharacteristic members who are silently changing lives positively.


A place of camaradie and difficult academics, Washington University in St. Louis abounds in volunteer and cultural activities, research opportunities, and intelligent students who are motivated to succeed yet know how to have a good time.


Wash U is a perfect balance of work and play; we work hard and play hard here and that is what makes it so rewarding and fun.


Washington University is an amazing school that offers quality education and diverse career opportunities.


WashU is a fantastic place to live and study for an undergraduate education, featuring endless opportunities to support any interests a student might have and a community that fosters growth and development in a variety of fields.


Wash U is an academically challenging, yet personally rewarding, college which encourages students to think independently in ways they have probably never been pushed to do before.


Washington University in St. Louis is a prestigious university that works for the betterment of our society and takes pride in the successes of both students and faculty that further this mission.


Ivy league mentality with a relaxed midwestern feel.


My school is the most enjoyable, fun, challenging place I have ever spent a significant length of time, and I wouldn't change that for the world.


The most worthwhile, joyous, and unbelievably unique four years of my life so far, encapsulated in other students, buildings, faculty members and delicious campus food.


The perfect place for me


Washington is academically challenging and socially vibrant.


Washington University in St. Louis is a diverse school with dedicated professors, passionate students, a great atmosphere and endless opportunities to get involved.


My school is one of the best places i could ever imagine myself to be.


Washington University in St. Louis is an ivy quality school with a mid-west kindness and support.


My school is the perfect size for me, you will always see someone you know, but there will always be new people to meet -- and these people are intelligent but not conceeded, different but still relatable, and they help and push me to use all the resources as my disposal here.


WashU is an academically driven, medium sized, socially active and open community.


Beautiful, private school with amazing facilities dedicated to learning and achievement in the classroom.


Washington University in St. Louis has given me the chance to study and explore the fields that I am interesting in pursuing after graduation.


WashU is a great place to be a college student who enjoys learning and life.


The funnest, nerdiest place I've ever partied in.


a place to grow


A great school that caters to students needs


Friendly student, hard work required, and learning intesive.




A very liberal, independent school that values learning.


Prettiest place on campus


a tour of the campus center.


Interior tour of Wheeler, modern sophomore dorm