Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

Describe the students at Washington University in St Louis.


Highly academic, intelligent, but still friendly, nice and helpful.


My classmates are driven students who (mostly) know what they want, why they want it, and how to get it.


For the most part they are pretty friendly. However, a majority of the people at the school seems to be very sensitive.


My fellow classmates are extremely studious, and have a very good influence on my own study habits.


Washington University students are inquisitive and hard working, and while they value learning and opportunities in the classroom, my fellow students never fail to involve themselves extensivley outside the classroom, such as in volunteer work, community service, research, and social activities.


I would describe my classmates as extremely competitive, intellegintn and diligent individuals.


My classmates are incredibly welcoming people in that anyone is able to feel at home on campus because they make people feel that they are truly a part of the WashU community their first day on campus.


For the most part, classmates are clever and quick on their feet in class discussions as they have the same drive and intellectual curiosity as I do.


When you start, begin with an open mind and do what you are comfortable doing. Expand your comfort zones slowly so that you do not overload yourself with extra-curriculars. Explore courses that seem interesting to you and realize you have plenty of time to do whatever you think you want to do. It is very easy to fall behind as a freshman but know that people are always looking to help you if you want it.


Mostly white. High Jewish and Asian population, but otherwise very little diversity. Most students tend to be well off with the exception of students on full scholarships.