Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for its research and its soaring image as an alternative to the Ivies. Washington University prides itself as a growing institution and works hard to increase its rankings. Several times, I have heard it referred to as "the trendy school" because so many high school students from private schools are taking advantage of its appealing rankings, name-recognition, and relatively high acceptance rate (which is nearly twice that of most Ivy League schools). I hope that, in future years, Washington University will begin to cultivate a more inclusive community for socio-economic and racial diversity.


Washington University is best known for ther academic programs.


Wash U is best known for it's incredible academics, distinguished professors, and friendly people. We have the best dorms in the country and some incredible food.


Washington University in St. Louis is a prestigious school. As a pre-medical student, I focus on its difficult (but prepares one well for medical school) pre-medical classes. Most of the teachers are at the highest level of their profession. WashU is a powerhouse in research (and contributed greatly to the field of genomics). Additionally, its business school and anthropology department are ranked highly and many companies flock to WashU to recruit students. On the other hand, it has recently gotten some bad rep from some cultural insensitivities by some students and its attempt to remedy the situation.


Research. Our name brand is relatively weak given our reputation in the sciences. We're a very good, very tough, and very competative university where our students are amoung the best in the world.


The challenging coursework and the, greek life. Greek life is a huge part of campus life, that is not to say you need to or have to be involved, but that you will enocounter it here.


Washington University in St. Louis is well known for several things: students interested in Pre-Medicine, delicious and healthy food, unbelievably nice dorms and beautiful buildings, and sky-high stress levels. While about half of students start out Pre-Med, there are countless opportunities at an academically excellent school such as mine. Our food is ranked 5th in the nation and our dorms 1st, both incredible yet fair rankings. The stress level is very high but the school offers countless resources to help each individual student. Wash U is known as and lives up to the "Harvard of the Midwest."


Washington University in St. Louis has the medical school ranked number 6 in the nation. With that being said, Washington University in St. Louis (Wash U) is probably best known for the quality and difficulty the requirements necessary to be fulfilled to be considered a "pre-med" student.


The week of finals, the campus center gives out free food, hot chocolate and snacks to all the students who are up late study for finals.


Washington University in St. Louis is best known for its extent of opportunities for undergraduate research. In my time there, I've seen this to be true. For even freshmen, there are many opportunitites to become involved in research with graduate students or professors. Students in fields that are less research based (humanities, etc) also have many opportunities to become involved in projects. Washington University is also known for the positive attitude that all their students seem to posess. Visitors to campus always note the kindness that seems to characterize everyone at school.


WashU is best known for its amazing pre-med program, which is extremely rigorous, but definetly worthwhile for students considering the pre-med track.


WashU is best known for delivering professionals that are not only extremely knowledgeable about their field of study, but conscious of social and environmental issues as well. Plus they are self-motivated to act and make positive changes in their communities and around the world.


unique campus traditions, great quality of life, diverse academic strengths


Wash U is definitely known for being a manufacturing plant for massive amounts of undergraduate pre-meds. Because the Washington University School of Medicine is considered one of the top medical schools in the nation, the undergraduate pre-med track is very popular. Over half of my freshman class has started off as pre-meds. The workload is stressful and the classes are meant to weed out, but the opporutunity to learn from the faculty here is one of a kind. There are endless research oppurtunities, even as a freshman, and the level of our education is extremely high.


WashU is best known for great academics, access to research, and beautiful facilities. In each of these areas, it is my opinion that WashU genuinely excels.


Washington University is known as the Ivy League school of the Midwest--it offers top notch academics without the intense competition found on the East Coast. It has a highly diverse student body, boasting hundreds of international students. Students who attend Washington University can be described as academic overachievers who strive for a balance between school and a social life.


Washington University's students are best known for being smart and motivated but not competitive with each other. Those who attend Wash U tend to try their best to get good grades for themselves, but there is no sense of your peers rooting for you to do poorly much like there is at other schools of such caliber. Wash U is also known for its notable business school and its premier medical school, as well as being widely competitive in Division III athletics, bringing home national championships every year in many sports.


The disadvantage of being a BA candidate at a school best known for its science and mathematical programs is that I feel many Wash U students forget how important the humanities are. That said, Washington University is distinguished for its pre-med and engineering programs, both of which sculpt excellent medical school applicants and engineers. Most of my friends at school trek through one or both of these programs, and I know from listening to and observing them how impossible their studies are. I greatly admire them for nonetheless chosing to continue despite the hours in the labs and libraries.


My school may be known for having a confusing title (yes, we are in St. Louis!) for hosting the VP or Presidential Debates every four years, for cutting edge research, for a ridiculously difficult entry level chemistry course and resulting high MCAT average scores and for being a leader amoungst colleges towards greener facilities and lifestyles.


Strong academics, large Pre-Medical program, diversity, environmental efforts


academically challenging, diverse population, stong relationships with professors, strong programs in many fields.


Our academic excellence in both graduate and undergraduate schools. After you look past that you will see that the college is very friendly and inviting. Both the people and the campus are amazing.


Everyone loves it here and is really well adjusted. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!


An challenging, well-rounded educational facility. People are really smart and friendly. We work hard but we have fun too.


Academics. Harvard of the midwest!


Our academics are very strong. The running joke is that everyone here is pre-med. We have the top pre-med program in the country with the hardest organic chemistry program in the country.




not sure


Strong academics, especially in engineering, architecture, and business. The Pre-Med and Medical School are also very well known, and in the engineering department the BME program is very big.


I guess I would say we are best known for our pre-med program, because of our medical school, but I think that WashU won't do something if they aren't going to do it well.


I'd say about half the students here are pre-Med. WashU has an excellent med school and therefore a strong science program. But it's also great in other fields, not just science.