Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about all of the wonderful friends I have made on campus who are all so lovely and unique. From my roommate who comes from a snowy, mountainous town to another girl on my floor from sunny Hawaii, I can always meet people with incredible stories and experiences who come from vastly different homes. I feel so at home and included in the amazing community Wash U has. Not to mention, I feel quite well fed. The campus food here is some of the best I've ever had and I can always get something delicious to eat!


Many of my friends brag about their 3.8 GPA's, and even though I have a mediocre GPA compared to theirs, I brag about how I learned the physics of chemistry the first semester rather than just reviewing AP Chemistry. I brag about how my Calculus III professor has learned in MIT, taught in Columbia, and is an Iranian citizen. We have the best dinning and housing service to compensate for the extreme academic rigor. However, above all, I brag about how I have not memorized for any exam but rather learned and fully comprehended all my educational material.


I brag about the food, opportunities, and business people I meet the most. WashU has some of the best food in the nation, with many different stations and variety. There are an enormous amount of opportunities to get involved, whether it is sports, clubs, research, or Greek life. If there isn't something that interests you on campus, you have the ability to start something yourself. Finally, there are many executives and alumni who come to network and support the students.


Wash U is ranking in the top 15 schools in the United States. Outside of the field of medicine or the Midwest area, not many people have actually heard of Washington University in St. Louis. The school administrators don't love this, but as a student I feel I can brag that I am getting a world-class education without being sacrificed to the overbearing pressure of an incredibly well-known school where every person is expected to be perfect and unachievably genius compared to the rest of the population. Wash U is down-to-earth greatness.


My school is awesome because the curriculum is both rigourous and satisfying, but students are also not overwhelmed. Students are able to handle the coursework because classmates are supportive of one another, or in other words, it is not a cut-throat, competitive environment. It is reassuring to know in the back of my head that I can easily turn to a classmate for help without worrying that they will not assist me because they are more involved in their own success.


The Food. Where else can you walk into a cafateria and have the option to order a strip steak medium rare with a baked potato/


Definitely the amazing food and temperpedic matresses. Plus, this April Macklemore is coming to perform for free!!!


Not only is our campus aesthetically pleasing, with beautiful architecture and wonderful dorms, but our food is simply amazing. With freshly made items to choose from every day, our food is almost gourmet: artisan’s pizza oven to our formal restaurant on campus. However, the greatest thing about Wash. U. is its sense of community. The close nit residential colleges (dorms) create the perfect atmosphere for bonding between floor mates and new acquaintances all across the South 40 (campus housing area). Even when my friends visited, the thing they noticed most was the overall friendliness and warmth of the students.


dining services, smart kids, job placements


The incredible counseling services provided to every student. Washington University in St. Louis provides each student with the opportunity to meet with their dean or the dean of the day and the services are very responsive to students needs. The professors are also world class.


I feel like I am completely spoiled. Not only are the classes and professors amazing, but going to this school is like being in a resort. We are ranked number one for college food in the country (and it is very clear why). We also have amazing housing and campus facilities, including our multiple gyms, libraries, research facilities and laboratories, and the campus is just overall beautiful. I feel lucky every day to go to a school like this.


The people are great, there are so many opportunities to get involved you just have to be aware of them and make time for them. You really have to get adjusted to the fast paced academic environment and take responsiblity for yourself when doing homework or else you will fall behind and it's super stressful to catch up. Of course, I'm speaking from a pre-medicine track, which is one of the most taxing academic interests you can take at this school. However it is very rewarding and I am learning so much and I love it!


The fact that I got in to the sixth most selective school in the nation. Academically, it is the thirteenth best. I am very proud of myself for getting in.


I could brag about how I don't know where to begin when it comes to my undergraduate experience---every second was one to savor. But, typically what I brag about is the extraordinary faculty in the departments of both my majors (Anthropology and Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology), and all the other faculty I took classes with, which was quite a few, not to mention the amazingly smart and successful friends I made during my time there. Additionally, there were many opportunities to get involved in activities and clubs that also provided great learning opportunities, in addition to tons of fun.


The professors at WashU are incredibly engaging and always eager to help students learn


It would really depend on to whom I am bragging to. Compared to most colleges or universities, WashU has prestigious academic life and faculties who are more than willing to help students out. Other than that, we have absolutely beautiful campus, and a clear blue sky free from pollution.


The food at WashU is absolutely phenomenal! I make sure to brag-a-plenty whenever I'm talking about food with my friends from other colleges. I mean, the other night, I had lamb and potatoes with a side of steamed and seasoned okra, white rice slightly dotted with peas, and two slices of naan. I feel like a queen with this kind of dining service!


College life is excellent. Campus is so beautiful. Weather is nice.


I brag about how incredibly smart everyone is. There are so many different ranges of intelligences here and it is incredibly humbling to witness that. I also brag about how gorgeous the campus is. It really is unbelieveable.


It's the number 11 school in the country; the food is delicious; the people are interesting and always up for something new and exciting. St. Louis is an entertaining city full of things to do and explore. The campus is gorgeous with trees and green everywhere. The professors really know what they are talking about, and I always feel like I'm learning from the best. The dorms are like hotels but better. There is so much diversity and new cultures to experience. It's really a great community feel.


I can double major in architecture and psychology easily.


I just recently transferred to my current schoo, Washington University, from my first school, Northeastern University. The transfer processs along with consideration towards it was one of the more grueling prospects of my college career. The main thing I say I love about my current school is the sense of community for such a big school. Because this is my home town, whenever I bring friends to the campus there are amazed at how many people they themselves can relate to.


It's the best place to be educated at, in terms of rankings and the quality of an education. The financial aid at Washu is greater than others due to the fact that they want to attract better/more students, and thus all programs are of a high caliber.


I feel there that I am not a stranger and everyone helps me.


Friendliness of students and staff, diversity of activities, positive peer pressure to do well


The quality of our food and rigor of the classes.


I don't brag about my school.


My friends, classes, and extracurriculars.


I tell them that I met the love of my life there-- my husband. It was a great place to meet and foster a strong relationship while at the same time fostering my educational interests.


WashU is "the Harvard of the Midwest." You get the strong academics of the Ivy League without the cutthroat competition. People in the Midwest are really friendly.


The academics at Wash U. speak for themselves - enough said.


There is NOTHING you can't do here. Whatever it is you love to do, whatever kind of people you like to meet, however you want to enrich your life, it's all here. I would never want to be anywhere else.